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Apple HomePod Mini: Specifications, Price, Pre-order date and available date.

This year Apple iPhone products are launched. Apple HomePod Mini launched in India at October 13. Let’s check out Apple HomePod Mini specifications, price, and amazing features.

Apple released an incredible smart speaker which is compact and elegant in design. An looks perfect in your home and wrapped with seamless mesh fabric.

Apple HomePod Mini Specifications Price Pre-order date and available date ttlyblogs

On top of HomePod mini is a backlit touch surface that’s provides controls for volume, play/pause and illuminates when you invoke Siri.

Apple HomePod Mini Specifications:

  • Incredible sound quality.
  • World class intelligent Assistant.
  • Smart home device controlling.
  • Smart speaker who controls your privacy and securities.
Apple HomePod Mini

1) Incredible sound quality.

it has a full range dynamic driver that delivers high output while keeping distortion to a minimum and develops a pair of high excursion force-cancelling passive radiators that enable amazing bass response.

Delivered consistent 360-degree sound experienced & truly big sound out of this compact design.  

Apple HomePod Mini Computational Audio- ttlyblogs

Homepad mini has a powerful Apple S5 chip and advance software which altogether enables the Computational Audio.

even before you hear the first note HomePod mini is analyzing the unique characteristics of the music and applying complex tuning models to optimize loudness adjust the dynamic range and control the movement of the driver and passive radiators in real time and all this happens over 180 times a second.

Multiple home pod mini speakers can play perfectly in sync across your entire house. when you place two in the same room, they’ll intelligently become a stereo pair filling your space with rich enveloping sound.

when your iPhone is nearby bringing iPhone close to HomePod mini and you’ll get visual audible and haptic effects. So you can physically connect your iPhone with your HomePod.

Apple HomePod Mini music app- ttlyblogs

HomePod menu can play all of your favorite content in addition to apple music you can listen to all your favorite podcasts along with thousands of radio stations and in the coming months you’ll be able to use services from providers like Pandora and amazon.

homepod mania has the power of siri anyone in the home can also play an artist album or track cue a playlist or even search for music by lyrics.

2) World class intelligent Assistant.

HomePod mini has a world first mainstream intelligent assistant Siri. Which is available on over a billion devices and handling over 25 billion requests a month.

together Siri and HomePod mini do everything you’d expect from a smart speaker from multiple timers and alarms to weather reports to answering the random questions kids think up but what really sets HomePod mini apart is Siri’s deep integration with iPhone.

Using Siri HomePod mini can access the apps on your iPhone, to send a message, check your calendar, make a call, and even find your iPhone and because of this you’ll be able to ask HomePod mini for a personal update with just a single request.

Siri knows that and can recognize the voices of each member of your household so, that everyone gets their own personal experience.

Pre-order Date: 06 November 2020*

Available Date: 16 November 2020*

Price: ₹9900*/ $99*

Apple HomePod Mini Colors:

Apple HomePod Mini colors- ttlyblogs

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