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Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Rutvi Masalawala

language is the key to all treasures in your heart.

The unpaid therapist!

Hello readers! A fascinating topic rights!? This is a famous quote which we all owe to someone. The unpaid therapist, whose mere presence makes...

A portrait of dark me.

Hello readers! Here, I pen down what an actual ambivert life like. A soul completely destroyed by the agony of society n fakeness. The heart-breaking...

Own what you desire.

Hello readers! “Own what you desire”. What is something that you eagerly want? Something that you can’t live without. Something that always attracts you....

You: Prioritize Yourself!

Hello readers! I got through some questions these days. I wonder do you have the same questions? Have you ever prioritize yourself? Ever wondered what...

Do it Today then Tomorrow.

Hello readers! We usually postpone our duties on tomorrow rather than do it today. So here I would like to say that, Postponing duties won’t...

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