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Bad Habits: Will Destroy your life.

you want to develop good habits. we all want to, but the problem is there’s a hurdle that is Bad habits.

Bad habits do not let us develop goodhabits and make us lazy every day we need to overcome these hurdles & we need to break our badhabits and develop good habits. Because if you not goanna break your badhabits it will break you and weaken you in many ways.

Steps that helps you to break your bad habits and develop good once.

01. Stop avoiding.

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Stop avoiding that you have bad-habits and you need to work on it because until you do not stop avoiding that you need to improve the bad habits you can’t develop good ones. If you keep avoiding what you need to work on you can’t overcome it. So, just stop avoiding and set your focus on what bad-habits you have and which one is hard for you to break and start work on it.

02. Changes.


Make a list of your bad habit you want to break and Make a list of good habits you want to develop, and slowly in everyday routine Chang your bad habits with you good ones, focus on what want to change. For example, you want to wake up early and set an alarm for it but you end up snoozing it and getting late for work or study. but a simple solution for this is to get early to bed and put Your alarm away from you, that you need to stand up and go to stop it. That way you will awake properly and also get good habits of Waking up early.

03. Set reward.


This is the best and most effective way to break badhabits and build good ones. The set reward for your achievement of breaking a bad habit and as well as a set reward when you follow properly a good habit. Set some of your favourite work, meal, or things or things you wanted to do. That helps you a lot. And this way you can celebrate your achievement with yourself and appreciate your self.

A change in a bad habit leads to change in life.– Jenny Craig

We cannot instantly change our habits into good or bad. No one can. But by putting a little effort every day to change a little bit ourselves, and in and you will see that you will have your new, polished but better version of yourself. Also, don’t forget to be more you every day.

Thank you for reading my article comments your views below and don’t forget to share it. Have good day.


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