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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Be Your Own Cheerleader.

Hello readers, Have you ever thought to be your own cheerleader to praise yourself just like you do to others? We all know that,

“Flattery feels a lot better than insults.”

But have you ever felt uncomfortable accepting praise?

I have two words to say: “OWN IT!!”

There should be no shame, guilt, or embarrassment in doing so.

Instead of acting out of the fear of being judged, the motivation of your goal should be your own passion or love towards achieving them. Our mission should never be something we need to do in order to be accepted by others!

Being your own cheerleader is not about bragging or showing off. It is about praising yourself and celebrating your own success.

But now the question is,

How to become your own cheerleader?

01. Positive self talk.

Did anything didn’t work out which you wanted to?  Or you didn’t get the proper results of your work you wanted? Rather than dwelling on what you didn’t achieve, why not recognize the value of all that you did accomplish? Then reward yourself with a few kind words or a little pampering.

02. It multiplies when you share.

Stories have the power to encourage and to inspire. Share your story, including your achievements and failures, and you will have the power to change someone’s world.

Know to communicate your worth to the community, and it will respond.

03 Don’t compare yourself.

You are a unique individual and you are not in competition with anyone other than you. So, don’t be hard on yourself by comparing someone else’s journey and dream with yours and feeling low about it.

04. Don’t be shy about asking for help.

Each and every individual need help at some point but some ask for where as some doesn’t. It is better to acknowledge than masking them, it is a sign of strength, not weakness.

What happens when you become your own cheerleader?

When you start to raise yourself for your achievements and share your success as well as failures to others you start to feel confidence in yourself which leads you to more success and positivity towards your work, journey and dream.

Furthermore, with self appreciation comes self love, an increased mindfulness of you own worth. Be appreciative towards your weakness, too.

Besides, people are more like to appreciate someone who appreciates themselves.

So, remember to call out your success, pat yourself on your back for what you have achieved, and be proud in doing so!

You’ll signal to others that it’s okay to be your own cheerleaders, too.

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  1. ખૂબ જ સરસ વિષય અને પ્રેરણા આપે છે જીવન કેવી રીતે જીવવાનું. ખૂબ. સરસ લેખન

  2. really motivat .. nice. God motivate you for more and more topic for rightingખરેખર પ્રેરણા .. સરસ. ભગવાન તમને લેખન માટે વધુને વધુ મુદ્દાઓ માટે પ્રેરણા આપે છેખરેખર પ્રેરણા .. સરસ. ભગવાન તમને લેખન માટે વધુને વધુ મુદ્દાઓ માટે પ્રેરણા આપે છે. શુભેચ્છા એન

  3. I like this article so much, this think’s are so true and giving me incorej ….. It’s like a reminder to love yourself forever.
    Thank you 😊

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