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Blood Donor Day 14th June: donate blood to save someone’s life.

June 14 is celebrated as World blood donor day. World Blood Donor Day is celebrated to raise awareness about need of safe blood. This day is one of the most important health campaigns which is promoted by WHO (World health organization).

With this awareness of blood donation now number of companies are arranged by different different organizations, NGOs, industries, hospitals, local society and public groups. So, everyone can donate their blood if they wish to donate it.

Let’s check out some important facts of blood donation.

Importance of Blood donor Day: –

Blood is the main thing in human beings. Blood is necessary for all treatment in hospitals. Blood helps the patients who are suffering from diseases. Donating blood can help people survive and make them live longer. Blood is necessary even in surgeries.

History: –

In India, the first blood bank was established in Kolkata, West Bengal in the year 1942 march. India has the world’s largest shortage of blood a huge shortfall of 41 million units.

Things to be known before donating blood: –

  • The donor should be 17 or 17+ in the age before donating blood.
  • They should have the maximum weight.
  • They have to give information about that if they are consuming any medicine or not.
  • In a year person can donate blood 24 times.

The health condition in which donated blood is useful: –

  • If someone had an internal or external injury and bleeding it can be helpful.
  • It is helpful for cancer patients.
  • Helpful in orthopedic surgery.
  • Helpful for the people who are going through transplants.
  • Helpful for treatments involving plasma or other blood products.

Safety precautions should be taken while donating blood: –

  • Make sure the needle which is going to be used for you should be new and unused.
  • Make sure the staff who is there is professional.

Conclusion: –

Donating blood is the duty of every citizen. After donating blood there is a kind of satisfaction we can get because of the good deed because their blood is going to be helpful for others in one or another way. Indirectly they are saving someone’s life. So, everyone must donate blood.


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