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Saturday, February 27, 2021



Mistakes can be helpful!

Do you like making mistakes? can it will be helpful or not? You certainly don’t and actually no one does Making mistakes is inevitable....

Goals: A Wish List with No Options.

have haveHello readers! I am here with article on “Goals: a wish list with no options”. Mark these words and read them again....

Experiences: A learning lessons for life.

Hello readers! How do we learn lessons for life? It's by our good or bad experiences. Experience is what we feel after done anything...

Plans that makes 2021 Better: Find a perfect plan!

Hello readers! After the pandemic in 2020, it’s time to planning a new year 2021. So, let’s see some plans that makes 2021 better? The...

Transition from School to College life

Latest trends in college life.

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