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Cloud Computing

Hello ! guys in this blog we will understand cloud computing technology and its various types.
Cloud computing is a technology through which remote web servers can be accessed to store files and run applications. Cloud computing is simple and easy to use.cloud computing involves a concept of virtualization.which means that there is no-one -to-one relationship between a physical server and a logical (virtual)server.
There might be one physical server that virtually hosts cloud servers for dozens of companies or there might be several physical servers working together with one logical server. The end users are not required to handle these servers.
There are many cloud service providers, such as Microsoft, Google, HP, Apple,Netflix etc,which can be used by the user.

Types of cloud computing

There are various types of clouds that are used by companies according to their requirements. The different types of cloud in use are :

Private cloud:

1200px Virtual Private Cloud %28VPC%29.svg
(source : wiki)

companies can purchase virtualization software to set individual clouds within their own network. This type of setup is referred that companies want from the cloud. Running private cloud eliminates many features that companies want from the cloud, such rapid scalability and eliminating the need to purchase and manage computer assets. But the biggest advantage of private cloud is that it allows the company to control its own security within the cloud.

Public cloud:

(source : javatpoint.com)

The public cloud is the traditional cloud. It is operated by third-party companies. The major advantages of public cloud include maximum scalability. Reliability, flexibility, geographical independence and cost effectiveness. In a public cloud, the client needs more resources. However, in public cloud the clients have to pay more, depending on usage.

Hybrid cloud:

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(source: alicdn)

Some clients prefer to choose the combination of public & private clouds into a separate cloud called the hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud gives the clients the features of public cloud while simultaneously allowing the storage of more sensitive information on the private cloud. In short guys hybrid cloud is the best both of private and public clouds.

Community cloud:

community cloud
(source: javapoint )

The last type of cloud is called community cloud. These types of clouds are created when multiple organizations with common interests combine to create a cloud. It is just like a public cloud but it provides better security. In a community cloud each client knows details of other clients who will be operating the cloud server.

Features of cloud

On-demand self-service:

This is one of the best features from an end user’s point of view. With On-demand self-service, users can access additional storage, processing and capabilities without any intervention from service providers.

Rapid elasticity:

The ability to scale-up resources as needed is called elasticity. In most cases clients can get more resources instantly which is called rapid elasticity. This is a big advantage for any client as they can scale up the resources without purchasing, installing, or configuring new hardware. If fewer resources are required, the client may be able to scale down and pay less without the necessity to sell the hardware. There are some subscriptions with built-in elasticity, which are referred to as pay-as-you-pay grow services.

So that’s it for this blog hop you have understood about cloud computing and it’s various types and services. If you have any types of queries, then write it in the comment section below. And don’t forget to share this information in your WhatsApp IT group also don’t forget to subscribe for upcoming posts.

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