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Cyclone Yaas will hit west Bengal, odisha around May 25.

As the western coast of India recovers from Cyclone Tauktae, another one brewing over the Bay of Bengal called Cyclone Yaas that would be affecting the coastal regions of West Bengal and Odisha.

accordingly The Cyclone Yaas weather system is likely to hit the eastern or the Coromandel coast of the country on the evening of May 25, the India Meteorological Department said in its tropical cyclone outlook.

The new cyclone will also bring the crucial southwest monsoon winds along with it to the Andaman Sea by May 21.

It is a possibility to have heavy rain fall and wind speed of Cyclone Yaas is around 50-70 kmph.

How can we prevent loss from Cyclone Yaas?

As we have seen that Cyclone Tauktae was very destructive and had taken as many as 45 lives from Gujarat and 18 lives from Maharashtra. It almost destroyed 40000+ trees and almost 250+ villages were without electricity, and many more destruction were recorded.

From that experience we can learn what can we do this time to prevent losses. These are some points:

  1.  Do not go outside your home at the time of cyclone
  2. Park your vehicles at a safe place where there are no trees and electric poles
  3.  Always keep eyes nearby, if anyone is in trouble help him out
  4.  Take care of stray animals
  5.  Do not use Electrical appliances during thunderstorm/lightning period
  6.  Close all the doors and windows and make sure that wind doesn’t get inside your home
  7.  Put away outdoor furniture and toys
  8.  Put an emergency kit on hand
  9.  Tune on local radio and television news
  10. Evacuate immediately if ordered by government or rescue team
  11. Don’t enter flood waters
  12. Fishermen should not go into the ocean or sea for fishing

Here are some ways from which we can prevent losses of lives and materials. Cyclone usually gets weaker when landfall happens, but it is still stronger enough to destroy any thing that comes into his way. So always be aware and stay calm.


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