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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Faith is necessary for victory.

What does faith mean to you? How do you see faith? Does it mean to you showing or receiving kindness or does it mean to you as the reason, you woke up every single day and believe that no matter what this going to be a better day than tomorrow?

What is faith?

Faith is a strong belief in something greater good, even though you struggling from your load of sorrow.

That what lets you the bright side and you can fight for yourself and others on the darker side.

Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark – Rabindranath Tagore

Nowadays some videos quite popular which say “This will restore your faith in humanity”. We saw this kind of video on the Internet. The question is why we need this kind of is not bad that this kind of video exists, even this is grateful that this kind of videos exists. But the thing is this shows that we don’t have faith in each other anymore, we don’t trust other people, and we need something that says’ see, still, kindness and humanity are existing, just don’t stop to count on it’.

But what we are supposed to do is showing that for others by doing it, not restoring our faith by watching some 5- or 10-minutes video. And when you do it for others then will you see and feel that yes there is still humanity and the best part is this will set a beautiful example for others or your near and dear ones. And when people will see that then their faith in humanity will restore and they do the same for some stranger that struggling.

When you start believing in something you will see that is happening with you because research says that our subconscious is smarter, and it will develop you as what you think or in simple words what you believe in.

Faith is also important for your success, if you decide to do something and set your foot for it and if you keep believing and work for it one day you will see yourself your steps on the finishing line of your struggle days that you are proud of. Because faith is necessary for victory.  People stop just stops by failing one or two time and stop believing that there are ways to get going and accomplish dreams if you simply believe and keep going.

Showing and doing good for someone or something makes you and that person smile that no other things can give, people always say that as a human being our nature is to take something from someone but that’s not true, this also humans nature to do something good for others in other words giving makes them happy.  So please show your “random act of kindness” without fail and without thinking what others think.

In the movie finding dory, dory says for a hard time that when life gets you down, do you wanna know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming …

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