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Fear Of Public Speaking: How Overcome It?

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Fear of public speaking is common anxiety, it can be slight nervousness to paralyzing panic and fear. With this fear, most people avoid speaking in public, or even they suffer through shaking hands and quavering voices. But with some persistence and preparation, you can overcome your fear.

The below-given steps may help you to overcome:

Know your topic

It is the first step to wisely understanding your topic on what you are talking about and more care about the topic. Moreover, try to make fewer mistakes or do not go off track. Or somewhere you get lost, you will be able to recover it quickly. Consider some questions that the audience may ask and your response is ready at the time.

Well organized-

Carefully and with the plan collect all information and present it, including any props, audio, and some visual ads. If you organized more, do not be nervous, and use some outline on small cards to stay on track. If you have enough time, visit the place where you will be speaking and review available equipment before giving a presentation.

Challenge your particular worries

When you are afraid of something, you estimate some bad things happening. But list your specific worries, and then identify them properly. Some alternative outcomes and any objective evidence that supports each of your worries or may your feared outcome will happen.

Practice and practice

Do enough practice like completing a presentation several times. In Front of some people you may feel comfortable, ask them to give you the right feedback. It may be helpful to practice with a few people who are not that familiar with you. On the other hand, by making some video recordings of your speaking, you can watch yourself and get an idea about some improvements.

Visual your success

Imagine that your presentation will go well. Because positive thoughts can always decrease some of your negativity about your social performance. And it will help to reveal your fear of public speaking.

Do some deep breathing

Taking some deep breaths will be very calming. Take two or more deep slow breaths before you go to the podium and during your speaking time.

Focus on your speaking instead of the audience

People may be a bit excited and pay more attention to new information, and they do not know how it is presented. In this situation, they may notice your nervousness. If any of the audience notices that you are nervous, they may root for you and make your presentation be a success. 

Recognize your success

After completing your speech, pat yourself on the back. It may not be perfect but chances are you are far more critical of yourself than the audience. Also, notice your specific worries which occurred while speaking. Do not worry everyone makes mistakes, so look at any mistakes you made, it will help to improve your skill.

Get support

Join the group that supports those people who suffer from public speaking. Because one effective source is toastmasters, a nonprofit organization with local chapters that focuses on training the people in speaking and leadership skills.

Overcome with fear of public speaking

If you cannot overcome your anxiety, practice alone or with some professionals. This cognitive behavior therapy is based on an approach that can be a successful treatment. And help you to reduce the fear of public speaking.

On other hand, your doctor may prescribe some calming medication that you can have before speaking. Or if the doctor asked for medication, do it before your presentation, and see how you feel and how the medication on you.

nervousness in certain situations is normal, and public speaking is no exception. some known anxiety-like stage fright, and writer’s block. but some people who have a social anxiety disorder may need cognitive-behavioral therapy, medication, or may combine two of them.

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