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Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Actress Yuvika Chawdhary was busted with hate after she released a controversial video on YouTube in which she was seen using a cattiest slur. She used the word and said she is looking like them which was not much liked by the people on the internet.

Soon after the video was uploaded, she was badly trolled by the netizens and hashtag arrest yuvika chawdhary went viral on the internet.

But then she released a written apology saying she didn’t know the exact meaning of the word. Soon after sharing a written apology, she also shared a video on Instagram. In the video she was seen apologising with folded hands and claiming that she ‘didn’t know the meaning’ of the word.

In the video Yuvika can be heard saying, “First of all, with folded hands, I apologize to you’ll. I used the word unknowingly and I didn’t know the meaning. Please forgive a mistake that happened unknowingly,” she said in Hindi.

Her husband Prince Narula roadies fame actor raised in support of her wife with series of videos on Instagram saying that “none of us knew what that word means and when we received all of the hate messages and searched for it online we felt really bad and its both our fault not only hers. We are really sorry, and we love you guys”

He also added, “Hum wo last person hai jo caste mein believe karte hai which means we are the last people who would believe in caste.”

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