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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Giving up is not an Option.

Once in a lifetime, we all feel like giving up on whatever we are doing but always keep in mind giving up is never an option to choose.

Whenever things get difficult and you feel like giving up on everything you are doing at this moment, you need to stop for a while and understand what is demotivating you, what your mindset is telling you about the way you deal with challenges and coming out the other side a strong and successful person.

When things get difficult, stop for a while and look back and see how far you have become. Don’t forget how rewarding it is.

What makes you give up so easily?

There are so many reasons due to which we feel like giving up, but each reason can be driven up by different motivations.

There are many reasons that leads you to giving up like:

1. Lack of Disciplined.

You must realize that none of your dreams can be achieved without hard work, enthusiasm and determination. And it’s not just for few weeks it might take month or years to achieve your dream, but you must be firm about your destination.

2. Not adjusting to changes.

We always work with same mindset without realizing that changes are more static than we can even see with our eyes. You must be able to opt the changes around you and work on it with that idea and mentality.

People often say the moment they almost decided to give up was the moment just before they had a breakthrough. While demotivation, failure and giving up feels horrible, there is a reason for this: it’s because you’re giving up on something that deep down you know is possible.

Now the question is…..

How to always stay motivated towards our goal and never give up on it!!

Here are some ideas which might help in approaching your goal and not giving up on it:

1. A different approach may be needed.

You might be thinking why things aren’t working even though you are working hard on it as well as you are giving your whole in it.

So, it might not be your fault, you might need to change the way you are trying to approach your goal.

For example: If we can’t solve math problem with one method we try different method or approach it may work it may not but if that doesn’t work we again use some other way, same way we should do with our goals if one approach you should always try another approach it might help you.

2. You will always wonder “What if”.

The feeling of regret can hit you hard. What if I’d just stuck with it? I could have achieved it by now. What if I hadn’t given up, how different my life would be?

Don’t give your future self the chance to become regretful because of the one decision you make in the present moment.

3. Be patient with yourself.

No one becomes an Engineer, Doctor or CEO overnight. If you have big dreams, you’re going to have to have to do big work to accomplish them.

It’s okay to take your time figuring out the best way to approach your dream but it’s totally not okay to change your goal or walk away from it because it’ challenging.

4. Be proud of yourself.

Before achieving your dreams, you might have small success.

We always keep ourselves demotivating for every small mistake we do in approaching our dream then why not motivate and be proud of ourselves for every small success to reach bigger success.

Remember, all your small successes and approaches leads you to big success and achieve your big dreams.

5. Remember you aren’t the first one to feel this way.

Each and every person who has big dreams feels like giving up at one point because of hardships and failures but they must have kept themselves motivating and strong to reach their goal.

So, don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends or family for a sounding board. In some cases, they may even be able to offer you advice you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

These were few ways with which you can keep yourself motivated and stay firm towards your goal.

Remember, giving up always leads you to the regretful future self so never give up on your goal though it’s tough it will lead you to your goal.

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