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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Happy Fathers Day 2021: first hero of your life.

Fathers Day is celebrated on the 20th of June every year. Whatever we are today is just because of our father. So today let’s dedicate some words to our father which maybe we can’t say in front of them.

Father is always a hero for their children. Being a father is not as easy as we think. Father is always a supporter of their children no matter what the situation is father will be there for their children.

What he felt about becoming a Father?

Being a father is not easy. It is all about learning new things for the child getting ready for one new responsibility.

As mother father is also excited from the day, he came to know about having a child. At the time of birth, father and mother are happiest persons but the difference is mother cry in happiness.

Becoming a father, it’s the most beautiful moment of any man. It’s a big moment when they show their first child and when it’s looking like them. They feel the most amazing feeling in the world. Also, father it’s not a title it comes with responsibilities. Because after becoming a father their responsibilities are increasing. As a father, they have to take care of every basic need of a child-like good education, a good environment to leave, food and daily life needs, etc. So, they also have to prepare themselves for these needs.

Journey of a Father.

In the journey of his life, he has experienced a lot but the most beautiful thing which he experiences is to become a father. It is a special feeling for every man.

After becoming a father his responsibilities towards the family increase.

Father’s love towards their children.

Father is the one who loves their child unconditionally and cannot express properly. Father is more a carrying person in the entire world. He is also possessive about their children.  Fathers try every possible thing to give comfort, good lifestyle, better education, and full fill every need of their children in every possible way. Father is the only person who will not fulfill his dreams and he will try to fulfill every need of their children.

Father is the one who sacrifices his dreams, hobbies for their children, and he trying to make life better and comfortable for their children.


Just like a mother who gives birth to us and lets us see the world father is the one who will teach us how to live correctly. Mother shows us the world, but the father is the one who will teach us how to leave that world correctly.

 I may not able to say or express my feelings but yes, I love my father the most as he is my hero.


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