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Saturday, April 17, 2021


Last year’s best season from Hotstar is coming with it’s Second season . Ya I am talking about Hostages . Hostages is coming with it’s second season .

The story of first season is very interesting with some twist & thriller .Story of the first season is about a man who want to save her wife’s life . But due to some conflict with others he has to chose a wrong way . So , he decided to kill CM , not directly but by a different way . Meanwhile there is a surgery of CM . So killer make hostages the whole family of the lead Doctor of CM’s surgery & demanded a fail surgery caused death of CM in the change of her family’s life . So the story goes on . I am not going to tell you the story ahead because it will be spoiler who didn’t watch the first season .

Story of the second season starts with killer already kidnapped CM and some of his assistant & place them at unknown place . But some how police get info about that place . Police comes with special force and arranged different units all around that building . Now that typical police -cop talk and action starts .

Watch the trailer here :

This series is available on ” DISNEY + HOTSTAR ” . There are 12 episodes . Audio is in Hindi , Subtitles is in English . There are Ronit Roy, Dino morea , Divya dutta , Shweta Basu Prasad , Shibani Dandekar playing various characters .

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