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How can we control Covid19 situation?

Covid19 is very dangerous and fast spreading disease. We are suffering from this pandemic for 1 year and still can’t get over it. What can we do to control this deadly virus? Let’s see what to do and what to not to control this covid19 situation.

What should we do in this Covid19 situation?

We don’t have any proper medicines or vaccines till the date, yes there are vaccines, but they are not 100 accurate to kill the deadly virus. So here are some things that we can do individually.

  1. Wear a proper mask
  2. Use hand sanitizer frequently
  3. Keep yourself quarantine
  4. Do not go outside the house until if you have any important work to do
  5. Maintain social distancing from others
  6. Not to get worried about pandemic
  7. Stay calm and follow proper guidelines
  8. Stay with positive mind-set, it can help you to stay safe
  9. Eat healthy foods
  10. Wash hands gradually and keep yourself hygiene

These are some ways from which you can individually be safe.

What should we not to do in this Covid19 situation?

There are many things that we should not do for which we could stop Covid19 to spread, they are as follows

  1. Do not go outside without mask
  2. Do not touch everywhere or spit anywhere
  3. Do not touch your eyes nose or mouth with bare hands without sanitizing your hands
  4. Do not gather publicly
  5. Do not breach the guidelines provided by government
  6. If you are sick and have symptoms of Covid19 than do not meet anyone and keep your self-isolated in a room
  7. Never underestimate this deadly virus

These are the things that we should not do individually in this pandemic situation.

What should government do to break Covid19 pandemic?

Government has done very good work till now and can also do better. There are some ways from which government can get best results, they are

  1. They should speed up the vaccination process and try to vaccinate all the people ASAP
  2. They can make small contentment zones so speed of spreading the virus can be slow down
  3. They should do partially lockdown where the cases are high, so the economy of country can balance
  4. They should speed up vaccinating people living in urban areas so that all the companies and offices be open, and which can help India in economic development also
  5. Do privatisation for other vaccines which are available worldwide. So, the process of vaccination can be fast

These are some points that government can do to handle pandemic situation of Covid19.

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