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How to reduce waist in bed exercises? Abs workout that you can do in bed.

If you want to do exercises that can be done easily while sitting in bed, then you can do these three bed exercises. This will help you to reduce waist and you can do this exercise in your bed.

The biggest excuse for not exercising is that you could not get up from bed in the morning. Of course, it becomes very difficult for many people to get out of bed and exercise and this is the reason why they are unable to pay attention to their fitness.

When we are talking about fitness, why not choose some exercises that can be lying above the bed. Yes, there are many exercises that you can do comfortably on the bed even after showing a lot of laziness. With these exercises, you just have to take care that your posture does not spoil while lying on the bed. For those who do not like to exercise, this exercise can prove to be very good.

These 3 exercises can be easily done on the bed, which can reduce the waist:

1. Side Planck Lift:

Side planks can be easily lifted on the bed. This is done to thin the side fat and waistline, and in this exercise, you have to lift the legs on both sides one by one.

Bed and exercises.

How to do Side Planck Lift?

  • First, lie diagonally on the bed as shown in the picture.
  • After this, raise one leg and make a 45-degree angle.
  • Then bring it back to the previous position. You have to do this 15 times and if you can do more than that then do that too but start with 15 times only.
  • Now on the other side, lie down diagonally. You have to do the same exercise with the other leg.
  • You can repeat this process twice, which means that there will be 30 rounds of both feet.
  • After this exercise, the fat of your love handles will burn quickly.
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2. Bicycle Crunch:

This is one of the easiest exercises to do on the bed. In this exercise, your abs are affected and the lower back burns fat. This can be done easily on the bed; you just have to take care of your posture.

Bed bicycle crunch.

How to do Bicycle Crunch?

Bicycle Crunch
  • First of all, lie down on your back.
  • After this, move both your hands behind the head and raise the head slightly.
  • Now try to join the knee of the right leg and the elbow of the left hand.
  • Then move to the previous position.
  • Now join the knee of the left leg with the elbow of the right hand.
  • You have to do this 15-15 times in 3 sets.
  • This exercise will be done completely as if you are riding a bicycle. Try to do it as quickly as possible.

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3. Straight Planks:

One of the exercises on the bed includes a straight plank. You can do it on the bed as well as straight planks are done on the ground. This will affect your abs and reduce the Westline. If you are starting to plan, then you will have to hold for a short time in the beginning and gradually increase its duration.

Bed plank.

How to do Straight Planks?

Straight Planks
  • First of all, lie down on the bed on the stomach.
  • After this, you bring both your hands in the planks position in which all the weight of the body will be on the part from elbows to wrists.
  • Now slowly raise the legs and bring all the weight on the feet.
  • Keep in mind that while doing this, neither your waist should be too high, nor it should be too low.
  • Knees should also be straight.
  • Try to hold it for 20 seconds in the beginning and gradually increase it to 60 seconds.

So, these 3 exercises that you can do it without losing your bed in morning. So, if you feel lazy to do some exercise in morning then you can do these exercises, and this will help you do reduce your weight.

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