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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

How to Staying Positive During The COVID19 Pandemic?

The COVID19 pandemic is a bit difficult for us and we never imagined these days in our dreams. These sudden and rapid changes are the way we live. While we may know that it is helpful for everyone to stay positive. It is not difficult if you give a glance at the suggestions.

Things that you can do to stay positive during the Covid19 pandemic.

1. Recognize whatever you are doing well:

It may be a tough time right now, but you should manage something really well. Think about the physical, logistical, mental, and emotional struggles you and may have encountered in the last few months. It is a great way to approach and handle these challenges.

2. Top up on sleep and get on top of the things you usually push

Now you are working from home and you may quarantine, you have more time on hand because of the removal of commuting time. In this time to get an extra hour in bed or get on top of that project that keeps getting shoved to the bottom of your list.

3. Learn something new

Some of us are free and have no work but an abundance of time. We have increased work and try to reduce time. Whichever situation is in, it is essential to embrace it. If you find yourself with spare time here are some suggestions:

  • Learn the new online language 
  • Buy an online cookbook and try some new, healthy, and immune-boosting recipes.
  • Use youtube to learn anything about hair tips, camera tips, makeup tips, etc.
  • Take some online yoga classes
  • Learn meditation

4. Practice gratefulness

When life is bleak, the things we still have for which we should be grateful. Keep the gratefulness journal or do a quick morning grateful meditation. Both are important but small items for which you are thankful. The essential thing is your house, health, family, friends, and your ability to put the food on the table. The other small things are more momentary like a hot cup of coffee, a calming bath, a good book, or a funny meme. Make sure to include as much detail into your gratefulness possible practice.

5. Create and nurture your community

We all are practicing social distancing, it does not mean we cannot stay in touch with family and friends. Thanks to all communication technology, most of us in the industrialized world, doing video calls, group chats, and attending virtual parties. Check-in with friends and family who are likely to suffer from the same types of anxiety and stress that you may be experiencing. Try to staying positive and make a mental effort to contribute with positive conversation.

so, this are the things you can do for stay positive during this covid19 pandemic.

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