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How to Use YouTube Clips feature.

As we shown in our first article on YouTube Clips that YouTube now started testing of these new clips feature. So, let’s know you can use YouTube clips feature and how it’s work.

To know more about it, visit our below article.

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How to use YouTube Clips?

Right now, it is on testing so it’s only available on selected YouTube creator’s video which is participated in this experiment. So, visit one of that channels and you can see clip option which is shown below in pic.

Youtube clips option ttlyblogs

Steps To create and Share a YouTube Clip:

1. Open eligible video on YouTube.

2. Under the Video You can see Clip icon Which is shown on above pic.

3. Click on Clip icon.

4. Now a Clip creating box will appear

How to Use YouTube Clips feature.

5. Select the particular section of the video which you had like to clip. You can increase a duration of video to maximum of 60 seconds and decrease to minimum of 5 seconds. You can adjust the length of your selection by dragging the slider.

How to Use YouTube Clips feature.

6. Now Give an attractive Title to Your Clip. Maximum 140 characters will allow in title.

Youtube Clips title box ttlyblogs

7. Then Click on SHARE CLIP Button.

8. A panel will appear with different sharing options select your options where you like to share it and share.

How to Use YouTube Clips feature.

9. Done

Mark that this feature is still only available on Desktop and Android devices it will be coming soon on iOS devices.

Sharing options of YouTube Clips.

Youtube Clips Share Box ttlyblogs
  • Social networks: Click a social network icon (for example, Facebook or Twitter) to share the video there.
  • Embed: Click the Embed button to generate a code you can use to embed the video in a website.
  • Email: Choose the email icon to send an email using the default email software on your computer.
  • Copy the link: Click the COPY button to copy a link to the video that you can paste somewhere else, like in an email message.

These are the complete steps of using this feature. Create and share short clips of YouTube video and enjoy. Share this article if you like it and don’t forget to comment.

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