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Impacts of social media.

There are big impacts of social media. but two of them are positive and negative what we going to talk about. We will talk about three positives and three negatives.

Positive impact of social media.

• Making friends

Social media is a big virtual place for people and find new people and make friends and more friends. You can easily make so many friends with the help of social media. And the positive point of social media. People can easily find new friends in seconds. You never feel alone. But that’s not mean that you don’t need to have real friends. A couple of years ago it’s not as easy to make friends as today.

• A big platform for everyone.

Social media have also other positive impacts and one of those is giving a big platform to everyone who uses it for the greater good. There are so many examples of it. The so many people’s life got changed by Bing viral on Internet they give the message that social media is a good platform who can use it right.

• Easy to connect

Social media Connect us to our family and friends so easily. No matter how far people are, social media connect them in seconds. In the case, of some emergency or problem, we can connect them for help. And there are so many ways to being connected with your family and friends and you can use them so easily.

Negative impact of social media.

• Mental health

Social media directly affect your mental health and mental health affects your physical health. By using social media constantly for hours it damages your eye site, also your brain. On social media by likes and dislikes and views, people will have major mental issues like depression and anxiety. That’s bad for your relationships and work.


Social media helps to make new friends, lacking new friends is good but that what drags you down from the people you love most and yourself. And your constant attention on social media is harmful to your relationship with your people and yourself.

• Privacy

Your personal life is no longer personal in the social media age. You never know who is and where stalking you and harm you in ways you don’t even know. Your personal life is no longer exists. And by the privacy that also means that people put everything they do, Every little thing. Sharing your life moments with your people is not bad, but that’s cut all your personal life from you. You are not fully exposed but still you have pretend that.


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