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International Family Day: Importance of Family in our life.

International Family Day is celebrated every year on the 15th of May. It is founded by United Nations on the year 1994 to honor the importance of family. Families both traditional and non-traditional are the foundation of our society.

What is Family?

Family is the base of our life. Without them a child would not know about the world, he would not get a proper guidance at every moment of life. Family can be of 2 or more than that which includes Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Grandfather, Grandmother, Uncle & Aunt. It can be a family of 2 or 4 or a joint family as well.

Roles of Family members:

The basic role of the Family is to live together with Care, Responsibility, Love, and Guidance. Every member has their role in the Family. Let’s learn about the roles.

Father: Father is the head of the family; his main role is to earn money and guide their children on a correct path. He is the backbone of the family because the majority time all the work is been done by the father. He makes sure that his family didn’t get hurt outside the house and never be sad.

Mother: Mother is also the head of the family. She makes sure that her children go on the right path in their lives and teaches them proper manners and guidance. She puts all her efforts at the home and does all the household stuff and takes care of other family members. She protects the house from inside.

Children: The role of children is simple, they just have to study well, learn manners from their mother, learn about the world from their father, learn about experiences from grandparents. They should help the mother in her household works and should take care of family members.

Grandparents: Their role is to guide every member of the family to the best path of their life because they are the most experienced person in the family. So, they should take care of everyone and keep them motivated.

Importance of having a Family:

We all have very good relationships with our family. Yes, sometimes we have some issues, but we should deal with them and stay united. We should learn how to stay together and how to face the world. It is very important to have a family for a child, for a man, for a woman as well as for grandparents. Because family is only the backbone of our life. They will be always for us in our highs and lows. We are lucky that we have family and I thank God for giving me such loving parents, grandparents, and siblings.

But some people don’t have family in their life. That doesn’t mean their life stops, they also live their life in their way, but they don’t get the love, guidance, support, care of the family. So, if you see anyone like that in your society show them some kindness and love. Because he knows the value of having a family.

Last, I would just like to say stay always with your family and don’t hurt them, because they will be always with you in your hard time.

Wish you all Happy International Family Day.


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