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Introduction to Android GPU Inspector (AGI)

Recently, Android GPU Inspector (AGI) has been graduated from a limited developer preview to an open beta. To understand the application and workflow of AGI first we must understand what GPU is. Nowadays GPU is very known and important part of our Android mobiles. First, we understand what GPU is.

What is GPU?

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GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit; the name suggests the functional overview of GPU. We can say that GPU is the processor or hardware part of our phone which basically operates our graphics proceeding or the floating-point operations. 

One of the main functions of GPU is to reduce the load on CPU, especially when graphics intensive applications like hi-res games or 3D graphics apps are running on our device. They’re designed to be much faster and more power-efficient at this task. GPU cores feature one or more ALUs, but they are designed quite differently to the basic CPU ALU. Instead of handling one or two numbers at a time, GPUs crunch through 8, 16, or even 32 operations at once.

As now we got it what is GPU. Now, let’s understand what AGI.

What is Android GPU Inspector?

Android GPU Inspector is a graphics profiling tool that allows you to look into the GPU of Android devices to better understand graphics bottlenecks and optimize the performance of games and apps that leverage 3D graphics APIs. It shows a timeline of events for your running game or app, which includes system activities, high frequency GPU hardware counters, and GPU activity information…

Why Android GPU Inspector is required?

Optimization of your application

(source : Google)

It’s helps you to look deeply into your GPU workloads on android to understand bottlenecks and find areas for optimization.

To See GPU hardware counter and more.

gpu activity
(source : google)

It will be helpful to see CPU and GPU events on both Adreno and Mali GPUs.

Dive deep into single frame.

frame debug

It will capture single frame to steps. So, you can profile each draw cell individually.

AGI supported device:

  • Pixel 4 and 4XL with running minimum android version 11.

Download AGI open BETA :

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Some of the game which will be relies on AGI:

Diablo : immortal

google play badge e1600697537546

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!

google play badge e1600697537546

World War Doh: Real Time PvP

google play badge e1600697537546

Download and enjoy amazing games and Android GPU Inspector will be very useful tool for game developers. Stay tune with us for more technical blogs.

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