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IPL Team Net Run rate calculation

Let’s check IPL team net run rate calculation formula and method. How they calculate team net run rate? On performance. and this net RR helps teams to stay on top of the point table.

We have a lot of questions about net calculation of cricket matches in because we don’t know the calculation formula of tournament organizers and BCCI. So today I am going to solve all of your questions about net run rate calculation in this article.   

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Mathematical formula of net run rate calculation:

Mathematical formula of net run rate calculation

Let’s know about each factor in details.

Total score of team: That means total runs made by a one team in a tournament.

Played over: Total over played by team in tournament.

Total score of opposite team: that means total score of opposite teams which is made by an all competitor teams In front of one team while playing against them in tournament.

For Example:

This is the latest point table of IPL2020 tournament at the date of 28 September 2020. you can see all the team net run rate.

IPL Team Net Run rate calculation

See in above picture where DC has net RR +1.100. lets calculate DC run rate by the above formula.

That means DC played total two match in this two matches DC played total 40 overs and scored 332 runs. That means 332/40 = 8.3

On the other hand, that two team played total 40 overs and scored 288 runs. That means 288/40 = 7.2.

So, the overall net run rate of DC is 8.3 – 7.2 = 1.100. you can see it in above point table.  

I hope now you understand how IPL managements calculates the team net run rate. If you got your answer clearly then please share it with others on social media and WhatsApp and comment below.

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