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Loneliness: It Can be Helpful or Not?

Have you ever felt lonely? There are many reasons because of which you may feel lonely sometimes. So let’s find out loneliness is helpful or not.

Many people admit that they are depressed before they will talk about loneliness. Also, many peoples enjoy their loneliness by giving themselves time to improve and help with their mental state.

So, if you are one of the people who is depressed by loneliness and if you judge yourself for being lonely, it makes it even more difficult to take steps to change the situation. Then you may judge yourself for not taking action to solve the problem.

Loneliness: It Can be Helpful or Not?

Feeling lonely also depends on your surrounding people like how many friends you have or the way you feel rom inside when you are with them. Sometimes you are surrounded by many peoples, but don’t feel connected that’s also what we call loneliness.

So, from here we can conclude that loneliness can be different for different people.

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Let’s see loneliness is helpful or not?

You may feel lonely even though you have friends, activities and surrounding peoples. Having hundreds or thousands of “friends” on social media or social networking websites isn’t the same as having manual friends with whom can share your moments or have manual fights.

One of the loneliest experiences occur when you are in a crowd of people and you do not feel connected.

Loneliness: It Can be Helpful or Not?

Loneliness is not just about having a partner or someone with whom you can spend your holidays. It can be about some past experience or may be about sharing how you feel and makes you feel happy.

Being lonely seems to be about not feeling connected in a meaningful way to others, to the world, to life.

Factors of loneliness.

How lonely you feel seems to be combination of three factors:

The first factor is level of vulnerability to social disconnection

All people in this world had different needs of social inclusion some might need less some might need more.

What type of person are you?

The second factor is feeling lonely is the ability to self regulate the emotions associated with feelings.

Sometimes you might feel joyful and happy from outside but deep down you might be feeling lonely and upset which happens with each and every person once. You feel distressed when you need for companionship is not fulfilled.

Also, if loneliness continues over time it can be a source of “chronic upset”. Being able to accept and cope effectively with the feelings of loneliness, manage the feelings without becoming judgmental of yourself or others.

The third factor is mental representation and expectation of as well as reasoning about others.

Feeling lonely just doesn’t mean you are antisocial or not feeling connected with people around you, but apparently feeling lonely makes people less likely to use the skills they have.

Frustration you experience when you are lonely may affect your mood and also the people around you.

Sometimes you may have difficulty because you view yourself as useless or unworthy.

So, if you are enjoying your loneliness then you it is helpful for you, but you are feeling frustration and alone then it is not helping you.

To know what you can do when you are feeling lonely visit my below article.

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    • Yes:- Useful
      Persona view:-
      ☝ Nicely presented by Harimati Ghoghari…
      * Reasons of Loneliness
      * Time allocation and best use.
      * Balancing mental level.
      As I believe, Time is the best opportunity. Own best investment in various, liking, and progressive/development activities(social as well as self).
      * Peoples always limited with the type of action as well as activities.(To be managed).

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