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Mass Promotion of SSC students

On 13th May 2021 Gujarat Government has announced mass promotion of GSEB SSC students, due to Covid-19 situation it has been decided that all the class 10th regular students will be promoted to class 11.

“The exam which was about to be held on May 10-25 has now been cancelled considering the corona outbreak. There were 1,276 government schools, 5,325 grant-in-aid schools, 4,331 self-financed schools and 45 other schools these all were supposed to appear for class 10th board examination and are now promoted to class 11.” – said by Education Minister of the state -Bhupendrasinh Chudasama in the core committee with Chief Minister -Vijay Rupani.

If we take a rough estimation, about 12 lakh students were supposed to appear this year for 10th board examination.

Also, for those students who are repeaters, government shall schedule exam soon prevailing the Covid-19 situation and will inform the repeater students at least 15 days prior to exam schedule. So, they get enough time to get prepared and ready.

This announcement has resulted both negative and positive impact for the students.

Negative effect of Mass Promotion:

Students who are topper and were about to gain ranker position are much disappointed with the news as a lot of hard work being done by the student the whole year and resulting a mass promotion would bring a negative and bad impact to the students.

Positive effect of Mass Promotion:

Students who were not even that sure that they could pass or not are the happiest ones currently as the mass promotion has safely promoted them to class 11 so this announcement proved a positive impact too for other students.

But as it is said that –

“Hard work never pays off”

So those who are disappointed need not to get worried at all as studying never gets wasted it is always useful at every stage of life. So, gain as much knowledge as you can it will definitely help one day.


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