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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

How Mistakes can be helpfu?

Do you like making mistakes? can it will be helpful or not? You certainly don’t and actually no one does Making mistakes is inevitable. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could be at ease with them? Perhaps there is a way to think of them differently and see their benefits.

“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to error that counts.”-Nikki Giovanni

Why do mistakes feel dangerous?

Mistakes often feel dangerous whether it’s small or big. Our mistakes have always been treated as dangerous for the variety of reasons:

  • We have limited support systems. But whenever we do some mistakes those support systems fails and leads people to either losing their life or depression.
  • We always try to ignore our mistakes instead of believing that we made mistake which is very dangerous as small mistakes lead to big mistakes and it causes the one to lose their life.

If we can embrace the reality of mistakes, we can free ourselves to be more creative in our lives and things become more interesting when you start to accept it.

Can we avoid making mistakes?

When we think of eliminating mistakes, we often work from the perspective that sees the world as a fixed place. The world, however, is not so obliging.

Whether you like it or not, the world and everything in it is constantly changing.

Change in world is more constant than you can see with your own eyes which is why you often miss it. We cannot see all the changes going around us since it varies faster than you can even think!

Unfortunately, when we try to create a feeling of stability in our lives our surrounding starts to adopt a change which leads us to make other mistakes.

So, it is better to continuously bend into this reality rather than fighting every change we experience. Fighting it can cause us to make more mistakes. 

Finding the benefits in change can be useful and helpful in minimizing unnecessary mistakes.

“Mistakes are teachers, Accept the lessons they offer.”

Mistakes can be helpful in many ways:

  1. Points you to something you did not know before and you can nurture ourselves with that mistakes.
  • It tells you about your skill levels and helps you to know in which field you can give your best and where you need improvement.
  • Every time you make mistakes it always leads to deepening of your knowledge in those fields.
  • It makes you humbler and kinder.
  • Shows you hidden faults in your lives which can lead you to more productive arrangements.
  • It might help you to expose your hidden true feelings.
  • Helps you to reveal your blind spots and work on it.
  • Leads you to point in a creative direction.

So, it’s time to accept the reality and take actions for it now, and if you don’t take chances you will never reach you goal.

Take chances and will lead you to your destiny.


  1. This was a very nice topic to discuss on , I liked your point of view about how we can use the mistakes to our privilege. Just keep going. Very nice👍👍

  2. Practice makes man perfect but in that practice what we do, we learn from mistake…. Nice concept 👌👍

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