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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Mistakes: Most Memorable lessons.

Hello Readers, here I am back with my new blog. My first question before writing this blog is that, do you like making mistakes? You perhaps don’t actually no. None of us likes to do mistakes but mistakes are incumbent. So, instead of demotivating ourselves because of mistakes why not motivate ourselves and take lessons from our mistake and makes it most memorable lessons.

Why mistakes are most memorable lessons?

Because we all do mistakes in our life but if we didn’t take any lesson from it and keep repeating that mistakes again and again that means you are not memorizing your older mistakes while doing same thing or something new.

So, it’s really important to memorize our older or past mistakes while taking any steps or doing something. That’s improves the changes of success and decrease the risk of repeating that mistake again. so always keep your mistakes as a memorable lessons.

What kind of mistakes we do?

01. We tend to give up easily.

Usually people at young age tend to lose their confidence in themselves which leads to give up from their goal and make them regret in the future.

You need to know very firmly that people can’t reach or achieve their goal overnight. you need to have patience, enthusiastic, consistent and motivated towards your destination. there will be many hurdles which will tend to demotivate you, but you must have different ways to overcome it and to motivate yourself.

Whenever you feel like feel like you want to give up, just give it a second and think will it be helpful to you in future or will you regret taking this decision.

If you think you might not regret this decision then for sure you can give up but if you think that you will regret it later, don’t give up!

02. We try to please everyone.

we always try to please everyone which is biggest reason for our failure.

You might have people who don’t like you no matter how much you try to please them or how much you try hard to meet their expectation. these people must not let your confidence down as their only goal is to turn you down anyhow.

You should learn to deal with haters.

03. Stop blaming others for your mistakes

we should always honor mistake as it might look disappointing and demotivating at the moment but can be lifelong lesson if you accept it.

And once you start to accept your mistakes, you start to improve yourself and feel confident about yourself.

How to learn from mistakes?

Think about the last mistake you did though it was small mistake while completing your task, you must have felt a rush or panic when you did that mistake.

Remember, we all do mistakes, we are human beings and mistakes are inevitable. But if we simply carry on as before just by apologizing for what we did, we might repeat the same mistake.

If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you might lose confidence and trust in yourself. So always remember the mistakes you did rather than just overcoming it.

How to stop repeating mistakes?

01. Analyse your mistakes

After every mistake you do, you need to analyze your mistake honestly and objectively.

While analyzing your mistakes you should always ask yourself few questions:

  • What I was trying to achieve?
  • Which point did I miss?
  • When things go wrong?
  • Why you did that mistake?

By examining your mistake, you can reach the conclusion about what led to the mistake, and what changes are needed in order to avoid repetition of same mistake.

02. Practice from lessons learnt

As we know since young age that learning lesson is one thing but putting them into practice is quite another as well as totally different thing.

Practicing those things, you have learnt will require motivation as well as patience to change your habits.

And after all we all know we learn biggest and best lesson of our lives from them mistakes we did while reaching towards our goal. So always keep your mistake as a lessons and memories it all times while doing anything.

Thank you for reading my article. comments you views below and stay tuned for more interesting articles. Have Good Day.


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