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Motivation: What to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

When you have no motivation to complete a task, then consider the reasons why you are getting troubles. According to that, develop plans, which help to motivate yourself. Keep in mind, that not every strategy works for everybody, or in every situation. Perform some behavioral experiments to see which strategies are the best and help you to reach your goals.

Consider your reasons

Sometimes no motivation can be the issue, at other times, it is the symptom of bigger problems. If you are perfect and your lack of motivation becomes your fear that you won’t complete the task. 

In this case, improving your motivation to complete your work or can help you to feel better. It is essential to take a few minutes to consider and you might have trouble motivating yourself. Here are some reasons for of lack motivations:

  • Avoid discomfort
  • Self-doubt
  • Lack of commitment to achieve the goal
  • Mental health issues

Act as you feel motivated

You may be able to trick yourself with the motivational feeling by changing your behavior. Act as if you are motivated, and actions may change your emotions. 

It is like we can say, sit on the couch in your pajamas the whole day. You may find the action to increase your motivation. 


You may think that being hard on yourself is the key to getting motivated. But the self-criticism does not work. Research shows that self-compassion is actually much more motivating, especially when you are struggling with some adversity.

Moreover, self-compassion improves your mental health, discovering self-compassion decreases psychological distress. Reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and it also reduces the harmful effects and stress.

Beat yourself up for mistakes or call yourself names, creating a kinder inner dialogue. That does not mean you need to repeat exaggeratedly positive affirmations, it is like, “I am the best person in this world”. 

Speak with yourself like a trustworthy friend. Or ask yourself, “what would I say to a friend who had this issue? You would like to be much kinder to someone else than you are toward yourself. Start treat yourself like a good friend.

In addition, try to coach yourself helpfully. Practice doing self-talk that encourages you and helps you to recover.

Go for a walk

Fresh air can change the scenery, and a little exercise can make your day wonderful. Walking in nature as opposed to a street can be especially beneficial.

Rather than walk to a crowded place or street, go to the park or botanic garden instead. Being surrounded by nature you can get mental peace or you can return to your feelings with more motivation than before.


You will struggle with motivation as long as you do not care about yourself. Sleep deprivation, a poor diet, and lack of free time are a few things that can trudge through the day which is more difficult than ever.

Healthy self-care plans:

  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink water, eat a healthy diet
  • Spend time with yourself
  • Avoid unhealthy habits
  • Get enough sleep

Very well word:

Everyone struggles with motivation issues at a time. The way you should respond to your lack of motivations are what matters however. Be yourself, experiment with the strategies that increase your motivation, and ask yourself for help if you need it.

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