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Mucormycosis (Black Fungus) early Symptoms and care.

There lots of cases of Mucormycosis (Black Fungus) rises in India. It’s also becoming dangerous to some patient who is more infected with this black fungus. Some are losing their eyes also. So here I am with the details about black fungus and its early symptoms. So, you can get rid of it before it infect your body more.

What is Mucormycosis (Black Fungus)?

The black fungus infection, also known as micrococci’s, is caused by a fungus called mucor. AIIMS Director Ran deep Galleria said that micrococci’s, also known as ‘black fungus’, is not any new infection but the number of cases has increased due to Covid-19. Micrococci’s, a rare but dangerous fungal infection, has now been found to be affecting some coronavirus patients.

What Causes Mucormycosis (Black Fungus)?

Misuse of steroids is a major cause behind the infection (Micrococci’s). Chances of fungal infection increase in the patients who are diabetic, COVID positive, and are taking steroids. To prevent it, we should stop the misuse of steroids.

Earlier symptoms of Mucormycosis (Black Fungus)

Most common symptoms:

  • fever
  • dry cough
  • tiredness

Less common symptoms:

  • aches and pains
  • sore throat
  • diarrhoea
  • conjunctivitis
  • headache
  • loss of taste or smell
  • a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

Which part can get affected by Mucormycosis (Black Fungus)?

This disease (Micrococci’s) can affect the. Face. Infecting nose. Orbit of the eye

  • The brain can cause even vision loss
  • It can also spread to the lung.
  • It is a very deadly and scary disease that affects important body parts.

How can we stop and reduce cases of Mucor mycosis (Black Fungus)?

. As Black Fungus infections are on the rise, there has been a sudden rise in demand for the anti-fungal drug Ampho B, which is commonly used for the treatment of the infection.

. Ensure that the pH of blood does not become more acidic and sugar levels are near-normal.

. Even if a person is Covid positive or is on heavy antibiotics, his/ her immunity is weak, they should keep track of their blood pH to avoid this infection.


In this pandemic time, we should always be aware of any disease and always stay safe. Put on your mask and always sanitize yourself and your things.


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