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Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Netflix is coming with Indian original movie along with two sisters ( Dolly , Kitty ) .Netflix is showing the reality of relation between two sisters , that how they internally jealous of each other’s life but still they support each other at any problem .This thing we already shown around us . A story of two sisters with ability to cheat their family .

Source : Netflix


Bhumi pednekar starring Netflix Original movie who’s name is so long is now available .If you watch the trailer you know how two sisters (Dolly , Kitty ) bangs the boys . If you still didn’t watch then first watch the trailer :

The story of the movie is about extramarital affair . There are two sisters Dolly & Kitty , one of them is married ( Konkona Sen Sharma ) and one is still unmarried ( Bhumi Pednekar ) . Both sisters are same by their nature . To satisfy their body need they can go up to any level & this nature creates problem for both of them . As the elder sister is married so she has to keep secret about a new relationship from his husband and family . As younger sister is not married so her parents find a suitable boy for her but she wants to enjoy live in relationship . So this movie makes you laugh , cry , dance & sing with it .Here Konkona Sen plays the role of elder sister who is married . Bhumi Pednekar as younger sister who is still unmarried . Amol parashar as lover of Konkana sen . Vikrant massey as lover of Bhumi pednekar.

This movie is available on Netflix . Length of the movie is about 2 hr . Audio of the movie is in Hindi . Subtitle is in English . There are Bhumi Pednekar , Konkona Sen Sharma , Vikrant Massey , Amol Parashar playing various characters .

Let’s Watch How these sisters keep their secrets from each other :


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