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Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness: Stop it now.

Overthinking means when you think something over and over and you are just stuck in the loop that you keep thinking and cannot decide anything and yes, overthinking is a Mantle health issue, that has to be decussated and resolve.

How overthink is harmful?

Yes, overthinking is harmful, more than you think. It will slowly kill you inside, and you got that idea when you just lost yourself.

This also can be called hurting yourself. It’s going to only make you feel bad about that situation. Also, you keep thinking about it, that is not going to help too. At some point, you have to stop thinking and either decide about it and get it done or just get rid of it.  Because this is when you take yourself down in front of yourself.  And that sucks. Because if you are no good in eyes of yourself, how can you trust yourself and go ahead?

Overthinking also cause depression or anxiety. So, you need to be aware of what are you going through.

Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness.

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Disadvantages and Effects of overthinking.

There are many disadvantages of overthinking. And it’s directly effects on your emotions and mental health. Let’s see how it’s effects.

1. Emotional trauma.

When you overthink, you are dealing with emotional problems or thoughts, that cause you emotional trauma. You keep asking yourself that what you have done, was it needed to be done, or did you do the right thing? And keep doubting yourself which leads you to self-criticism.

This will more affect your mental health, which will affect your body. Like you will more procrastinate, you cry more for no reason, and you stop taking yourself seriously, and not caring for yourself.

So, express your emotions and feeling, don’t hide or pressed them deep into you.

2.Mental Trauma.

Your emotions control your thoughts which control your mind. That causes mental trauma because of over overthinking, and that affects you, your work, and your relationship, your sleep, your mantel peace with yourself.

You can stop this, by controlling your thoughts, by simply thinking positive or see, watch or even hear something positive. Just don’t let your emotions control your thoughts. Feel free and feel things you want, don’t control them. So, it will not cause emotional trauma.

Don’t ruin a new day by thinking about yesterday. Let it go.

How to know when you are overthinking?

Signs of overthinking and questions that you can ask yourself to know if you are overthinking or not. That will help you to understand that you are overthinking and not.

  1. Are you criticizing yourself more often, even for some small or no reason?
  2. Are you imagine your problems even when they do not exist right now? are worried about them? (that mean you are creating a problem for you)
  3. Are you focused on what you are doing? Or just procrastinating?
  4. Are you taking the decisions? Or just keep thinking or confused?
  5. Are you feeling sad and crying for no reason more often these days?

What to do when you are overthinking?

If this happens and you can not decide what to do, or can not help yourself, then ask for help, from your friends and family. People can help you to make you feel better and help you out throughout the situation.

Yes, it sounds easy, and it’s not easy at all, I know that.

But the thing is the whole point of overthinking is to make you feel fear to stop saying and reacting to things as you do, to take down your nervous system, and that you stop being yourself. And the worst part is you start to think and feel that you are helpless, because of your overthinking and self criticize yourself all the time. That is why you need and have to reach out for help, to again be yourself.

And the main thing is there is nothing wrong with you, this is human’s behavior, and there are so many people who face this, but important is that you are aware of it.

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.


How to stop and take care of overthinking?

You can stop overthinking and take care of it by following some steps.

All you need do is have good habits and self-trust. Again, it is not easy as it sounds. But it is possible. You are the one who can help yourself and reach out for help.

Your overthinking makes things look horrible then it is, which will stress you, you need to focus on what is in control of you and you can fix, not your imaginary problems.

Don’t force yourself for anything, and most importantly accept yourself. And just let go of things or people that drowning you to overthink. You can control your overtaking, after all, it’s all about thinking, right.

We all know that what we think we will become. So, see things from a different angle, if you are thinking negative (which is the cause of overthinking), then stop that thought at that time and try to think positive, if you are thinking positive then stick to it, and at times believe that positivity.

Less thinking, more living.


Life is not about some useless things to think, again and again, or even overthink the future, it is about not thought much and being excited about things and being in the present.


Yes, overthinking is a symptom of mental health issue. Because in some cases overthinking cause depression or anxiety. And it will effect on your work, life, relationships, sleep and mental peace.

Yes, we all think about anything before doing somethings but sometimes just because of our bad experiences, conditions and situations force us to think again and again about things what we are going to do.

Most probably we all overthink at night because in a day we have a lot of things to do, and we were busy in doing it so that thoughts of thinking not comes in our mind and we don’t overthink in day.

Obviously overthinking is bad because it’s a continues loop of thoughts that comes in our mind again and again before doing anything so we can’t come on any particular conclusion, decision or result.

Yes, overthinking will effect on your sleep. Because of overthinking there where a too many thoughts are coming in your mind and it’s continuously runs in your head. So, it can’t let you to sleep unlit you stop thinking about it.

Yes, overthinking is injurious to health because it will directly effect on your mental health and also cause headache, depression and anxieties. So, it can’t let you mind to focus on your life, work, studies and relationships.


  1. For happy life forgot your past , don’t think about your future and live in present…..🤞🏻🤞🏻

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