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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Pain is important for growth.

We can’t define pain in words even though we can feel it down in our hearts and sometimes we over flooded by it. so pain is really important for growing our self.

There are two types of pain physical and mental or emotional.

Physical pain can heal in time but when it comes to mental and emotional pain no one cannot even count how long we goanna suffers, even we don’t know that.

When you are in pain you feel your blood running through your veins. sometimes we feel broken lonely and everything seems meaningless.

The pain, the shame, and the great grief to feel that you not OK right now by the time slowly you will be alright time will heal but the important thing is feeling that pain But don’t let it just regular with you. and come up from it is more important than it. Time will Heal you.

Regularly feel the pain of loneliness and meaninglessness then it must be depression and anxiety. then seek help.

If you can’t feel that bad can you can feel happiness also. it is as important as happiness. your pain gets you deep down in yourself loneliness your inner darkness in yourself don’t ignore it struggle with it, face it. Hunting others ignoring nothing because you are in pain that’s never Solution.

Remember if you can feel it, you can feel happiness more than the pain you felt. You can value your happiness by feeling it when you are in pain you want to be home don’t be with yourself be yourself, you want to cry scream just want to drop yourself in bed and feel nothing. but want to feel nothing because you feeling your overwhelming grief that’s not an option.

You will get up from it and walked through it you will laugh again. but for that, you have to walk through this pain.

If you feeling it means you’re alive Breathing and having motions human beings should have, so just don’t drop yourself or give up on yourself, you can and will rise again and shine within days.  

Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it. –  j.k.rowling

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