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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

PM Modi loses public faith : Man ki bat becomes #Man_Ki_Bakwas

“Man Ki Baat”, we all know these words, this is the programme where PM Modi addresses all nation since 3rd October 2014.

Initially this program achieve lots of love from Public but now, for the last 69th edition of this program , people expresses revulsion for the program. Even this program had more dislikes then likes on you tube.

Man ki baat is trending with #Man_Ki_bakwas on twitter. public have shown their abomination for the event where PM Modi talked about  the importance of storytelling, the values of Indian family system and hailed the passage of farm bills.

PM Modi started his address with highlighting the art of storytelling.

He said that the coronavirus disease pandemic has served in fostering bonding among family members, bringing them even closer, But there are issues with some of the families.

Some families have lost touch with their values,” he said, adding that stories can help reinvigorate such families.

 PM Modi talked detailed about the various forms of storytelling prevalent in India.

you can see in the above tweet how public hate last session and not interested in storytelling art but they want bright light, justice, Employment, etc. and the last edition of man ki bat had not relate any of the public’s hope. Consequently, this is how they are reacting.

Hope, PM Modi will listen public’s voice…….

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