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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Positive: How to Stay In This Negative World

Nowadays we all are living with the negativity and sandwich between the full day or prayers. Even when planning to celebrate something new only fifty people, and with today’s trend we are willing to share the pain with our family, friends, and relatives. When I think about challenging myself and trying to stay positive in this negative world. Here I discussed some points, who look after you in this negative world.

Stay away from the negative people

Spend most of your day talking to people and some days filled with more uplifting reports than the others. However, select a lot of time and spend with your relatives and friends on phone or video call. As painful as it may be, your calendar may not open for those who consistently drag you down.

Listen to a music

Find positive music, playing in the car, at home, and at work, it is a great source to uplifting your spirit. This is one of the best ways to select a positive collection of music and do some yoga while listening to it. When I listen to music I feel blissful with my phone. With just a few songs.

Live consciously

Awareness is the breath, origin, and nutrition of foods while eating. A blue sky, purple flower, a bird’s song all can draw with the feeling of gratitude. And for these moments overcome all forces that can drag you down. 

Practice gratitude

Appreciate the people for anything they may help during your day, even if it is to help to achieve your goal. Some days you practiced more than others. Helping others, holding the door, buying a lovely hot coffee for someone behind the line. Or letting someone merge into the intersection, and it can be uplifting.

Read positive books

In this pandemic, in quarantine time read some motivational books. Also, read some of your favorite stories or authors’ books like you can read love stories or authors like Chetan Bhagat interesting books. Also, select some TED talks and listen to some motivational videos from youtube. And learn some challenges, and insights into nature and you feel better after viewing it.

Give hugs to your loved ones

I love to hug others, hug and scratch backs on most visits. Which brings out huge smiles. You can watch the stress of others and diminish the stress or may decrease it.


The healing power of the comedy plays a vital role in this pandemic. It is really helpful for ill patients. In my view, the comedy shows at least a few minutes before sleep. When I listen. Put the days’ worries behind you, enjoy a few laughs and think positively about the future.

In conclusion:

When we meet the real tragedy of life, we can react in two ways, either by losing hope and falling into some bad habits. But some of your strategies to stay positive helps to find inner strength.

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