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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Preity zinta reaction upon short run decision of umpire.

in yesterday’s match which is played between Delhi capitals and kings xi Punjab at Dubai international stadium.

Umpire gives a short run to legal run and cancelled one run of kings xi Punjab. Just because of this 1 run at the end the match goes tie so match decision is put on super over. But in super over kings xi Punjab losses it’s two wickets at the score of 2 in 3 balls. So, it’s very easy for Delhi capitals to make 3 runs in 6 balls and they did and win the match.

So just because of this mistake of umpire kings xi Panjab losses it’s game by 1 run. On this incidence co-owner of kings xi Panjab preity zinta got disappointed by the umpire’s decision and shown here rection on twitter.

She twitted that “I travelled enthusiastically during a pandemic, did 6 days of Quarantine & 5covid tests with a smile but that one Short Run hit me hard. What’s the point of technology if it cannot be used? It’s time BCCI introduces new rules. This cannot happen every year.”

She also twitted second twit and shows her positive nature against games and her faith in policies of BCCI.

She twitted that “I’ve always believed in being graceful in a win or loss & in the spirit of the game but it’s also important to ask for policy changes that improve the game in the future for everyone. The past has happened and its imp to move on.  So, looking ahead & being positive as always Thumbs up”.

So, we all are cricket fans and love the game of cricket. We wish that it will never happens again and all hoping that BCCI will create some policies against fair game plays and umpires wrong decisions.

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