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Reading: a step forward to develop yourself.

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language is the key to all treasures in your heart.

Hello readers! In the today’s technical world here I would like to summarize that how reading is a step forward to develop yourself? Today videos and animations have overpowered reading newspapers and books.

People prefer movies and video clips rather than reading stories and novels in their leisure time. But a call to all such people, here I would elaborate how reading contributes your overall development.

All our elders keep on repeating that reading has a lot of importance. Let’s see how.

Importance of reading:

1. Effect on brain:

When we read, we use many parts of our brain. Reading exercises brain as well as activates all “churning wheels” of brain. It inculcates curiosity within a person. This contributes to learning pace of a person. It is said that your burning desire can turn impossible to possible too.

“A curious mind is hungry to learn. Hunger to learn is the secret to success.”

We use vivid imagery as well as memory to follow a plot, or main idea. Reading can be like mental gymnastics for the brain. Recent research supports the notion that reading influences our thought processes and is a very potent form of brain training. Professor Keith Oatley, an expert in the field of reading, compared reading to being in a flight simulator:

“You experience a lot of situations in a short span of time, far more so than if we went about our lives waiting for those experiences to actually happen to us.”

While reading may often be thought of as a solitary activity, reading may, in fact, make us more socially aware.

Dr. Oatley suggests that readings good books are much like life simulators in that they allow us to imagine ourselves in someone else’s position, to take other people’s perspectives and figure out why certain characters in books behave the way they do, and to consider what would happen if we did the same in our own world.

In a way, reading leads to practicing what we encounter in the world, but it is all in our brain, which can be a good challenge for brain health.

2. Effect on eyes:

While videos and animations affect your eyes due to the ultraviolet rays. According to scientific studies, these rays not only affect eyes, but our brain too. The rays that cell phones, laptops, computer screens radiate affect sleep of a person. Less sleep leads to disturbed metabolism of the body. This also leads to various brain diseases and weak eyes.

3. Improvements in vocabulary:

Reading books improves your vocabulary. The bunch of words you know increases when you read more. For most job interviews, all formal hosting events, your reading skills are of great importance. It improves your speech, your ascent(the way you speak), builds a good communication ability, confidence on words and many more.

4. Ancient beliefs:

All Indian monks and saints were great minds. Scientists all around the world appreciated Indian “sadhus” for their great works in many different fields.

From science to culture, India has been rich in rituals, education, religion, virtue, behaviour. They collected various works, combined them and made their works effective. Reading, according to them, builds a new idea and then a new idea is invented. Henceforth, reading has been an important factor since ancient times.

Here are 10 of the best books on personality development. Read them. Share them. Study them. LIVE them…

Ok. So there you go for Some of my favourite books. Go study them. And use them.

Please remember, ideas–flawlessly translated into reality are the keys to breath-taking success. And you becoming more of who you truly are.

Oh–and definitely make some time each day to read. Small little advances in your knowledge base lead to quantum improvements in your performance over time.

Feelings of a reader:
Books are a whole different world! Taking a book in hand, reading the chapters feels so relatable as if its my own story. The characters of the book become a huge part of my own life. “I don’t just read a book, I live a different story.”

The world of books is beautiful. It has thrill, drama, romance, action, knowledge, fun, adventure and excitement. All together at one place. I am me when I am with books. Reading helps me relax. It takes me away from all worries, responsibilities and stress in the world. I love reading.

Thank you for read my article. If you don’t read, start today. If you like my article, share it with your friends. Don’t forget to comment your views. Keep reading. Spread words. Smile more.

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