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Roses: Why People Always Choose to Express Love

Roses are not just the flowers, but they are a feast for the eyes. Approx, 2 lakh 30 thousand flowers exist on the earth, but all flowers are not known to everybody. But when you consider the roses, everyone knows about them.

They have created an illusion in human eyes that directly connects to their eyes. This lovely flower is the king of all flowers as it emits beautiful positive feelings. This world is full of different flowers but the rose is only considered as the symbol of love. It has established strong feelings of human hearts and thoughts. That’s how it mesmerized us with its beauty.

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This flower was found in the northern part of the world, and 5 thousand years ago china started rose gardens. These flowers are the most lovable and many houses even have rose plants. 

Moreover, it gives that tagged,” language of love”, “express the love”. After knowing the flower’s name I thought why people prefer roses? There are some reasons why we can say it is the most loveable flower.

Beauty and fragrance

The other name of the rose is beautiful, the different color of it gives us a marvelous feeling. Have you ever touched this lovely flower? It is soft and smooth. The entire nature of this world is created by beauty in the form of roses. This flower has the power of attraction, it attracts people with amazing appearance.

The separate vision of this flower inspires all people. The plant of it has a thorn, if you want to touch the flower, you go through the thorn-like our life. If we need happiness in our lives, we go through some struggles. The beauty of the rose is described like this. 

The fragrance of rose has an awesome smell, no other flower has it. The flavor of it has made the perfume, scents, fragrances, and an amazing aroma. Roses oils are often used in fragrances and perfumes. 

Nowadays women have started using rose water to get the facial glow. The smell of it takes us into the new world and gives us an amazing feeling. That is why beauty is well known in this world.

Color combination

Various rose bouquet

Most people get close to this flower, and each species has all 12 colors. Everyone has their favorite color, and the color of this flower you can find everywhere. The red color of it is the most loveable and it is the symbol of love. So, when you want to express your love, buy the red color for your loved one. Roses are available colors in red, pink, yellow, orange, and other colors.

With the combination of it, we create multiple roses just by cross-breeding. Attach two different rose stems and grow them. You can find two different colors in one rose, even tri-colored and many. That is how cross-breeding works. And man can produce a hybrid of roses.

Roses for many occasions

Day by day everyone started decorations for small events. For any event flowers are a major part of the decorations. And these primary things express the essential feelings. Mainly people prefer roses, for every occasion like prayers, reception, marriages, and other events. Furthermore, wedding roses are essential to making bouquets. Prayer considers the flowers, to take your wish to god.

Worldwide preference it

Rose is known worldwide, and in some countries like Iran, Iraq, Maldives, England, South Korea, etc, made roses their national flower. Even the USA declared the rose to be its national flower. This is the great thing that many countries consider as a national flower. This is the other reason why it is the most lovely.


Roses are more popular, these flowers and their popularity increased, how people started loving it. These points make this symbol of love the most famous.

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