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Sea Buckthorn – A Super Fruit.

Sea Buckthorn fruit there are lots of natural products like juice, skin care products, healt suppliments etc are available in todays market. one of the big leading sea buckthorn product manufactiring company name Biosash business pvt ltd sells too many diffrent products which is made from this fruite.

so let’s check out its benefits and traditional use of this fruite.

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What is Sea Buckthorn?

Sea Buckthorn is a berry fruit which is rises in Himalayas. It’s also known as most balanced fruit in the nature. It’s contains more than 190 biologically active compounds. That’s why you can call it super fruit of nature.

It’s thrives in the very harsh conditions and high altitudes of the Himalayas. It’s looks very beautiful with golden and orange colour berry shape.  

The roots of sea buckthorn trees go down to the 200 feet deep into the ground to gather enough nutrition in order to survive the harsh climate of Himalayas and that’s why it has a plenty of nutrition’s.

From 190 nutrients many of nutrients required for human body every day.


  • Vitamin- A, B complex, C and E
  •  Minerals
  • Omega 3,6,7 and 9
  • 42 Lipids
  • Organic Acids
  • Amino Acids
  •  Folic Acid
  • Tocopherols
  • Flavonoids
  • Antioxidants

All the above nutrients are containing by one fruit and its sea buckthorn.

Benefits of Sea buckthorn :

  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function.
  • Sustains proper brain and nervous system function.
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair.
  • Enhances integrity of mucous membranes.
  • Supports healthy digestive system function.
  • Promotes healthy urogenital lining.
  • Minerals help produce energy, supports growth, supports reproduction and health and are Anti-inflammatory.
  • Assists in normal process of healthy inflammatory response and relives sore joints.
  • Carotenoids and Beta carotenoids assist in slowing aging process and lycopene – maintains prostrate and colon cell health and Zeaxanthin – supports eye health.
  • Enhances mental clarity, sustains natural energy and promotes stamina.
  • Flavonoids help fight cell damaging free radicals, assist in the process of healthy cellular rejuvenation and promotes healthy immune system function.
  • Its Antioxidants fight cell damaging free radicals and provides anti-aging benefits and supports healthy cell reproduction.

Traditional Use of Sea buckthorn:

In India, peoples from Himalayas use this fruit in daily life in different ways for healthy life. Indian Ayurveda also promotes sea buckthorn for fight against many diseases. You can grab it in daily life for healthy and wealthy life. You can eat directly or can contain it in the form of juice and capsules.

If you required any kind of Sea buckthorn products and more inquiries comment below.

Stay Healthy and live Happy Life.

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