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Self-Awareness Development and Style

Self-awareness means being aware of different aspects of the behaviors and feelings. It is a psychological state in which one becomes the center of attention. It is one of the first components of the self-concept.

It is something, who you are. And it is something that you are focused on every moment of your daily life. The other different points of self-awareness is depending on your personality and situation.

Development of self-awareness:

The brain is known as the anterior cingulate cortex located in the frontal region. And it plays an important role in developing self-awareness. For studies also use the brain to show the region becomes activated. Awareness affects development in children around the age of 18 months. This coincides with the fastest growth of spindle cells in the anterior cingulate cortex. Researchers said patients retained self-awareness with extensive damages to the area of the brain. It includes the insula and the anterior cingulate cortex.

Levels of self-awareness:

How exactly do children become aware of themselves? According to researchers, the children progress through a series of levels of self-awareness between birth and age around 4 or 5. Self-awareness is observed by how children respond to their reflection in the mirror.

Types of self-awareness

Public self-awareness:

When people are aware, they appear to others. Public self-awareness often emerges. In the situations when people are in the middle of attention. Such as, when giving a presentation or talking with a group of friends.

The awareness of this type often compels people to adhere to your social norms. When we are aware that we watched and evaluated we often try to behave that we are acceptable and suitable. But, public awareness can also lead to evaluating anxiety. In which people become distressed, afraid, and worried about what they are distinguished.

Private self-awareness:

Private self-awareness means people become aware of some features of themselves only in a private way. For example, seeing your face in the mirror, and is a type of private awareness.


Sometimes people can become self-conscious. Have you ever felt like everyone is watching you, judging your actions, and waiting to see what you will do next? The highlighted state of self-awareness can give you an awkward feeling and feel nervous in some instances.

In some cases, these feelings are only temporary and result in situations when you are in the limelight. Some people are excessive self-consciousness. They can reflect a chronic condition like social anxiety disorder.

These people are aware of their feelings and therefore, more likely to stick with their values. They also suffer from negative health as increased stress and anxiety.

A word- very well:

Self-awareness plays an important role to understand yourself and connect with others in the world. It allows you to evaluate yourself with others. People, who have a high sense of it, they are extremely self-conscious. 

If you feel you are struggling with self-consciousness you may have some negative influence in your life. Make sure your symptoms discuss with your doctors and learn more about what you can do with your life. Also, discuss with them what you can to cope with your feelings.

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