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Friday, March 5, 2021

Set a Goal to Achieve Success In 2021.

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Setting a goal in life is mandatory to achieve success. Every person has some strengths and some weaknesses like cannot seem committed to doing one thing. Some people keep themselves busy learning new languages, studying, and making money. On the other hand, on the side, busy with sports, yoga and more! I just asked one thing how you stay motivated and successful in life? My answer is: set a goal!

What is goal setting?

Set a Goal to Achieve Success In 2021

Goal setting is a way to motivate yourself, and take action to identify achievements that will help to make your future best. Goals can be related to any aspect of your life, career, finance, sports, music, language, travel, friendship, relationship, etc.

Why need to set a goal?

According to me, without any goal your life is meaningless, and you will lead your life without any purpose. But, with goals, you give a mission and purpose. With a goal each day you work toward your vision and achieve the goals that you set for your lovely life.

What are the ways to set a goal?

Figure out the mission of your life

Everyone has an ultimate goal in life, and it may take years or more to search for a real figure. What do you want to achieve? What would be the greatest regret if you are not here? This is the main purpose of your life, and every day these questions should push you to work towards your aim.

Convert your big goal into a small goal

You should break your bigger aim into small because it is easy to digest. If your goal is one huge overarching goal, then you will feel hopeless, directionless, and lost most of the time of your life. You will not even get an idea like from where and when you should start a step to achieve your goal.

Furthermore, small goals are helpful in life, you can break down the tasks for you. So you can easily climb the ladder of one step at a perfect time.

Set smart goals

For smart goal the common acronym:


Goals are precisely articulated, like wanting to be rich. If you are not specific about your aim you have no idea what you have to work on. Becoming rich is the goal, then it will feel like a distant pipe dream and have no motivation factor.


When your goal-setting is measurable, then do not be afraid to miss one step. Because you can measure how much you are missing them.


Setting an achievable goal means being realistic. Stretching goals are motivating, but do not make them impossible out of reach that they become demotivating.


 Relevant goals are related to overall your life mission and purpose. Setting goals are completely off tangent and it will only distract you. Prevent you from reaching some of your larger goals.

Often revisit your goal

There is no meaning to set goals if you are not monitoring regularly. You should go through goals daily to track them and identify the areas that you can focus on.

If you cannot visit your goal daily, then you should visit weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Moreover, you do not know how you are against your goal, you will never know how much improvement you require.

The final word:

In your life always keep in mind, keep your goal open and flexible to adjust according to the new thing that comes in your way. Or without revisiting your goal you might forget some of your aims. So try to not leave any of your goals behind!

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