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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Should Government cancel 12th board exams?

Everyone in the country is worried about Covid19 pandemic and the students of 10th and 12th are worried about their future also. From past 1 year everyone is hoping that this pandemic ends soon, but we don’t know when this all will come to an end.

Governments review over 12th board exam.

Not only students and parents are worried of their child’s future, but government is also worried and tensed about it. Recently many state governments have declared that 10th board examinations will not happen, and all the students will be mass promoted.

But in case of 12th board exams central government is still in talk with all the state government and it is yet to take any further decisions over it.

Parents and students review over 12th board exam.

Over the country many parents are complaining about the pandemic and don’t want their children to give the 12th board exam and want government to do mass promotion as done with 10th board exam.

But many parents say that 12th boards are very important for a student’s future and exams can justify their knowledge, and government should at least take online examination. As parents both of them are right at their place, but as a student point of view they are also same as their parents. Some saying don’t take exams and do mass promotion and some are saying take exams. In this situation government is taking their time to decide and after their decision we would know what will be happen.

My point of view

In my point of view government should wait for some time at least till the end of the month may. Because Covid19’s second wave is at his peak right now, exams are important, but students and their family’s life are more important. So, if the situation is under control by next month, they should hold 12th board exams with full safety protocols and hygiene.

Because one can promote 10th students, but you can’t promote 12th students. If anyone is worried about Covid19 than he can take a year drop and can write exams next year. Because to take 1-year drop is far better than to take risk or get mass promotion.

Let me know your views on it in the comment section.


  1. Yes, we should first think about lives in this pandemic situation. I agree with your views.

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