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Signal App Key Features and Benefits.

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Let’s talk about features of signal app. Here we are with detail view of all the key features of signal app. it is better than WhatsApp or not? You will know at the end of article.


Key Features of signal App.


It’s a messaging app which is send messages between two devices. Like you can send text messages to your contact and friends via internet. So, you don’t have to pay SMS fees to your network provider.

It’s has an optional feature for android platform is SMS feature. so, you can also use as a SMS app on WhatsApp devices.

Private and Safe Data Sharing.

It’s provided a messaging network which is send messages with end to end encryption which is keeps your conversations secure. They don’t read your messages and listen your calls, or also no one else can either.

Share anything.


You can share text, voice messages, photos, videos, GIFs and files for free.

Voice and Video calling.

Now you can call and video call to anyone in this world without any network charges by the help of internet. Signal app provides crystal clear voice and video calling facilities to user.


You can share stickers with your friends with encryption. So, no one can decode your sticker. You can also create and share your custom stickers.


It has a group feature which helps you to create group with your family, friends and co-workers. So, you can easily share and transfer data to each and every members of group.

No ads and No trackers


Signal is a completely non profitable app so there are a no ads on complete app. so if there where a no ads in app that means there where a no affiliate marketers and no trackers active to track your activities.

Open source

It is a completely open source project for developers. So, anyone can help to develop this app for making it more useful and safer.

Benefits of Signal app.

As from features we got an idea that this app is completely simple, safe and powerful messaging app. it is safe and secure so we can share our data with our friends and family without any tension.

It is completely free, so we don’t have to pay any network charges to our network provider for SMS, MMS and Voice and Video Calling. So, you can use this app without any tension and money.

It is available for all platforms like android, iphone&ipad, windows, Mac and Linux.

Download it now.

This are the Signal App Key Features and benefits. So Signal is very easy and useful app. download and start using it from today.

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