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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Sports: 7 Good Reasons Teenagers to Play

Nowadays most teenagers are passing on the opportunity to play sports. It is unsettling to know that the ages of 13-17 years old are only 40 percent physically able to participate in the sports activity. 

Unfortunately, the downward trend is like today’s young ages are being lured into activities that need only the movement of a hand. Such as video games, social media, and web surfing.

If your age is a pre-teen or you haven’t played a sport, now is the perfect time to give one try. Simple games are also good to join a sport, below are some seven of them.

You will be healthy:

To do sports, you need to move your body, and it is a commonly known fact that exercise is good for health. Physical activity helps control weight, health conditions, and diseases, it also improves mood, enhances energy, and promotes better sleep. It has advantages for health, but the games outweigh the dangers from actual injury.

You will be smarter:

Playing sports means you will boost your brainpower. Children who are more active to show their attention, have faster cognitive processes and perform better academic tests. Then less active children. 

Moreover, the exercise increases blood flow to the brain, and blood flow of the brain stimulates growth. Plus, playing a sport requires thinking on your feet and strategizing, so try to keep your mind alert and sharp.

You will learn teamwork:

In sports, individuals learn and rely on each other or motivate themselves to accomplish goals. Sports are great, team and it teaches the lesson of life and success of a team. Sports also teach you to play fairly and respect the players on the opposing team. Cheating and fighting are not the rules of games. In the professional world, sports teach you your best efforts and exhibit honorable behavior whether you win or lose.

You will make some friends:

When you join a sport, you will inevitably make some friends. Because the team members share so many fun and exciting moments. Your friendship lasts long after you finish playing. Moreover, most teams traditionally go out to eat after the game!

You will learn to focus on managing the time:

Sports need some time and commitment, but most of the players generally perform better in school. And they are more likely to be involved in community or club service. With the help of games, teenagers develop two important skills: focus and time management. These skills are crucial in people who get things done and accomplish their long-term goals.

Strengthen your college resume:

It is not the main reason to join sports but it is a fact that colleges and universities do a favor for those who are well-rounded. Playing sports will not usually tell the admission counselor that you are confident and work well with others.

You will have advantages at the workplace:

Not all people play sports, but the girls and boys who play sports, are more likely to get high-status jobs than the others. Teenagers who play sports, can develop strong leadership skills, work better with the teams and be more confident.

Play a sport today:

If you are a natural-born athlete, there are probably sports and that is just right for you. Whether it is basketball, swimming, or karate, choose one of them that you are truly passionate about. This way you will enjoy it!

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