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Technology: Blessing or Curse?

Technology in 21st century is like the heartbeat of the heart. Without technology we wouldn’t have grown these much as we are today. Technology provides us Skill, methods, process that helps us to work easily without any complications.

Types of technology:

There are many types of technology and they are everywhere in ouy day to day life. Some most important technologies are as follows.

  • Construction technology
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Medical technology
  • Household technology
  • Transportation technology
  • Education technology
  • Agriculture and biotechnology
  • Next gen technology

And many more. These all technologies are used by us many a times in a day and now we are used to it.

Advantages of technology:

There are many advantages of technology in our day to day life for example,

  • Technology are very speedy at work
  • Technology can do smart work
  • Technology helps us in transportation
  • Technology helps us to connect the people around the world
  • Technology can save your time
  • Technology is helpful in all the ways

But as there are many and many advantages of it there are also some disadvantages

Disadvantages of technology:

  • We are becoming lazy
  • We are now mainly dependent on technology
  • We are connecting people over the world, but we are going far from our family
  • Life span of living creatures like birds and animals are reducing day by day
  • We are not as capable to do work as compared to 50 years ago, we were doing
  • Radiation of these all technical machines are very harmful for us and nature.

So, as we saw there are many advantages and disadvantages both, but the main point is that we should not fully dependent on technology.

Yes, it is smart and very fast but then also some time we should do our work with our own.

So, technology is a blessing if you do not fully dependent on that but once you be fully dependent on it than it could be curse.


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