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Sunday, September 26, 2021

The Mass Media: Understand the Pros and Cons

There are thousands of broadcasts, which along with hundreds of cables and satellite stations. On top of that, daily newspapers, magazines and all other types of readers, and of course the most effective breath of the internet. We have more other ways to reach people. In fact, mass media influence is very effective and also complicated.

Is mass media a good thing? Who Involved in multimedia studies has been answering this question in different ways. So, we can say media simultaneously also created new problems and benefits for us. Here we have given some pros and cons.


The pros of mass media

Keep us connected:

Before mass media, you lived your entire life without knowing anything about the world outside of your town. But, in today’s modern era you are connected with the entire world. It can be a good thing. Now, you know every moment of the world within a second and organize things if people need immediate help. Without the media, we are far less able to understand, but with the connection, we all help each other. 

Spur businesses:

Where would a business do without doing marketing and advertising? Thanks to business communication, made possible by the mass media. Nowadays your business can reach potentially faster and easier than before. It always helps to keep your economy going.

Spread art and culture:

On the internet, you can see all over the world’s particular culture, and with the TV and radio programs, you can explore the globe. Moreover, you get the chance to discover new things and new ideas. And easily understand the process yourself.

Give the voice to the voiceless:

When reporters bring the story of the person who is in a difficult situation, social media allows them to viral the video or news across the world. Mass media can lift up the individual’s voice, which may have gone unheard.

The cons of mass media

Empower the already powerful:

While the media gives the opportunity to all people to create their stories, and the mass media will buy. Because of it, money can be deeply influenced, actually, what can we see and hear. It gives the rich and those connected to the rich- a far louder voice than the rest of us. This unfair and worst way is the way of a tiny minority to size power over the vast majority.

Used for disinformation and hates:

How can you know, what exactly you are hearing from the mass media is all true? Some sources of the information are trustworthy than others. But the whole media is vulnerable to propaganda and its lies, today’s with the rise of the internet, even democracies can be easily exposed by the media designed to drive us to hate and believe in lies.

Personal connection:

Nowadays everyone spends most of the time staring at mobile phones or gazing at the TV. so, with these mediums, we all connect with the mass media and connect with all over the world, but this media disconnects us from those who are in front of us.

The final touch-up: 

Mass media indeed has its positives and negatives, it is also a fact that it is not going away. If you want to put yourself in a position of success, then it is important. Because there is no better choice than earring from the connection and communication.

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