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True Definition of love? Difference between love and Like.

Are you confused about love? let’s clear all your confusion about what is love, definition of true love, when you are in love?, difference between love and like, possibilities of fall in love, types of love, how to express your love?, mistakes you don in relationships in this article.

There are thousands of true definitions are available on the one word “Love”. Everyone written its definition in different ways on the base of their life experience. There are many things matters in one word and do you know “LOVE” and “LIKE” both has a different meaning. Let’s define a true definition of love.

What is True love definition?

True Definition of love? Difference between love and Like.
  • In a word of dictionary, the meaning of love is a very strong feeling of liking and caring for somebody/something, especially for an any one person or friend or any family member.
  • You can also say that love is a strong feeling of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another which is express in our emotions, behaviours, and beliefs.
  • We can also say that love is an emotions, attractions, respect, expectations, trust, importance, and loyalty which we feel for another person.
  • Love doesn’t have any particular definition, but you can define it in your way on the bases of you experience.

love is not only we feel for any person it also we feel for particular things, our work, for our dreams, for any family members etc.

But here I am gonna only talk about love between two peoples because its valentine’s week so.

Love is a favourite topic of writers, poets, philosophers and specially of young generations when they are fall in love first time.

when you can say you are in love?

Here are some sings of love that will help you to understand that you are really in love or not.

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  • When you’re started getting attract to another person.
  • You are feeling for him/her.
  • Your eyes always wanted to see him/her.
  • You started thinking about him/her whenever are free. you can’t ignore thoughts about him/her.
  • Taking care of him/her likes and dislikes.
  • Started following him/her choices and thinking.
  • Wanted to stay always with him/her.
  • Started Worried about him/her happiness.
  • Always trying to impress him/her.
  • When your started getting emotionally connected with him/her.
  • You started feel trust and loyalty for him/her.
  • When you started believing him/her.
  • Him/her touch gives you the feeling different than others.

This are some things and signal that if you are having for him/her that means you can say that you are felling love for him/her.

Difference between love and Like.

Above mentioned all the things applies for love. But one thing is true that liking someone it’s not means that you are loving him/her. sometimes you feel attractions to him/her but that doesn’t mean that you in love with him/her.

Liking someone is a first step of love. So, whenever you started liking someone then take some time to understand him/her. spend more time behind knowing him/her and know who really, they are, and you will get your answer. Maybe it’s just your temporary attraction to him/her love is a parament attraction for him/her.

Always be wise and take your decision after you started liking someone.

Possibilities of fall in love with:

There are two kinds of possibilities either you fall in love with you opposite gender or with your same gender.

True Definition of love? Difference between love and Like.

Mostly we are fall in love with our opposite gender. All the Peoples around us is accept it.But Some peoples think that love between two opposite gender is the true. No, it is not true not every time you fall in love for opposite gender sometimes you fill same feeling for your same gender.

True Definition of love? Difference between love and Like.

This is nature nothing wrong in feeling love for same gender. Our society is not accepting this kind of relationship but don’t worry about society and stand up for your love.

Types of Love: One Sided Love and Both Sided.

One sided: it means you are started feeling for someone from your side without knowing about him/her side.

Both sided:  you both are stated feeling same for each other and wanted to stay with each other’s till the end of life.

  • Mark that if you are in one sided love than take care of the feeling of the second sided person. Respect him/her decision if they don’t want to stay with you. Never being crazy for anyone in love and stated hurting your or others self.

How To express your love to Him/her?

True Definition of love? Difference between love and Like.

Here, I have some suggestions that will helps you in expressing your love to whom you love. Follow and do these things.

  • Show your feelings in different way to him/her.
  • Started taking care of him/her.
  • Impress him/her by doing something different.
  • Do anything without any expectations. Never be selfie about him/her
  • Make him/her comfortable with you.
  • Create special moments with him/her.
  • Give them a space of freedom.
  • Understand them and their needs.
  • Satisfy them with your things and work.
  • Get emotionally attach with him/her problems and situations.
  • Start supporting him/her in every situations and conditions.
  • Be loyal and trustworthy to him/her.

This are the things that you can do for your loved one.

Things you have in successful Love Relationship.

love is and not an only a single word. It is a combination of too many things like trust, emotions, loyalty, transparency, understanding, care, support, and feeling.

True Definition of love? Difference between love and Like.

Above mentioned all things that you have in a good relationship. That will help you to maintain your relationship without any problems.

A successful relationship is an effort of two persons. If one will loss the relationship will be fail.

Never give up on your relationship because relation ship is only over when the one person will quite it. Relationship is a bond of two peoples. So, always strongly maintain it for healthy relationship.

Up-Downs is a part of any relationship the thing is how you handle it and get the solution of problem and situations. Nothing is perfect the thing is to live perfect life with imperfection. Satisfaction is the key of successful relationship always satisfied with what you have.

What are the Mistakes you do in love Relationships?

We all do mistakes in relationships but sometimes that mistakes also be the reason of break-up of relationship. So always be careful about your mistakes that you are doing. Strongly maintain your relationship.

Some are the common mistake we do in relationships that really affect our bonding and understanding. With the time it’s converts into fight and misunderstandings. That will lower your interest and feelings toward to your relationship.

There is a difference between much and too much. This too much is a reason behind everything. We humans are made to handle much pressure, but we can’t handle too much pressure. Too much care, possessiveness, too much control, too much expectations, too much responsibilities, etc… that will really affect to a person with you are in relationship.

So, always first understand that you are liking or loving to him/her. after that understand your love and express it to your soul mate. Then focus on your relationship and keep it healthy and stronger. This is the true definition of love.

Never Give up if you are truly in love with someone special.

This special article on love is dedicated to love of my life on this valentine’s day. Also wishing all my readers and your loved one happy valentine’s day. Stay happy always.

Thank you.


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