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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Turn Your Fear Into Curiosity: Simple Process

On this earth, everyone should experience fear, but the sets of successful people apart from everyone else, their ability to act in the face of fear. Turn your fear into curiosity, it might seem achievable at first. But here we discussed some simple processes which I use to pursue my personal visions and passions, which despite fear.

4 steps to turning your fear into curiosity

Indulge in self-reflection and positive self-talk

You may feel nervous, afraid, or not sure, dig deep and look at what is underneath those feelings. Are you nervous to apply for the job, because you are afraid of rejection? What if you do not get the job? Does it mean you are not good enough and never experience a career and success? 

This is not true but common to indulge in harmful self-talk. In most cases, it comes down to thinking that you are not worthy to experience success and happiness. Ensure, to be honest with yourself and identify the root of your fear.

For example, if your belief is limiting, then you do not deserve to experience true success, because you have not worked hard. You get success on your own terms while having fun and living in abundance along the way.

Weigh your options

Make a list of advantages and disadvantages of what would happen:

  • You pursue your passions, your vision, despite and fear
  • Also, choose to maintain the statues

I hope you all realize that there are really more advantages to action in the face of fear vs. maintain the status. Do not worry or do not be scared as you initially thought.


To point the arrows in the right direction. Or yes, you can act in the face of fear without the crashing world crash in down on you. 

Take the very first step in a positive direction, yah it is often hard to take the first positive step. But always remember, to take one step at a time.

I can say it is as good as, “ A jug fills drop by drop”. Remember this sentence when your life is going through tough situations. And be patient with yourself and do the process going through.


Pat yourself on the back to facing your inner fears and celebrate your success, it does not matter how big or small you are along the way. It will always feed your positive momentum and keep the best stuff in your upcoming way!

In the summary:

The best thing about following these four simple steps is that you choose your each time to look beneath the surface. And uncover what is actually behind your fear, you just step ahead and get more and more personal power. 

You become more aligned with who you are and what exactly you want in your life. And it gets easier to pursue your dreams with each and every step you take. So, now you get ready to turn your fear into curiosity, and what is your first and next step?

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