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Uni cards– Reviews and things to know before applying.

In this article we gonna explain about Uni cards, it’s genuine reviews and things that you should know before apply for Uni cards. Company profile and contact details, how to apply for Uni cards? How to use? Eligibility criteria, charges and fees, repayment terms and conditions, hidden charges, benefits, offers, rewards, and cashbacks details.

Now a day you are seeing an advertisement about Uni cards on tv, internet and social media. But before applying for Uni cards, you have to know this all the details about Uni cards and their terms and conditions.

So, let’s have look on all details about Uni cards and its reviews. You must need to know this all details before applying and sing up on this app.

About Uni cards app.

Uni cards app is a prepaid credit card provider. Which provides you a credit limit and credit card to spend it anywhere online or offline. most interesting thing of Uni cards is that they provide you a pay 1/3rd option for repayment of your entire credit card monthly bill and spends. So, you can use your credit limit up to 90 days rather than 45 days. Also gives you a 1% rewards cashback when you pay in full before 30 days period. They have upto 18 months EMI option.

Uni cards Company profile and contact details.

Founder and CEONitin Gupta
Banking PartnerRBL Bank and SBM bank
Official websitehttps://www.uni.cards/
Email ID[email protected]
AddressIndiqube Sigma No.3/B, Nexus Koramangala 3rd Block SBI Colony, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034
Customer care number080 68216821
Social mediaFacebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn
All the details are collected from available sources kindly make sure before using it.

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How you can use Uni cards app and credit card?

You can use Uni credit card for both online and offline transactions to spend it anywhere anytime. Like,

  • Paying at online shopping websites, ticket and hotel booking…etc by virtual credit card.
  • You can also do offline transactions by swiping your physical credit card at shopping malls, liquors shop, petrol pump etc.

What are the benefits of using Uni cards?

Uni cards is a completely new concept which makes your shopping and spending experience easier. Let’s see benefits of Uni cards

  • Use it at anywhere and anytime at online and offline transactions.
  • Uni cards gives a special option to split your all dues in 1/3rd so you can repay your overall credit card bill in 3 months.
  • You can also convert your outstanding amount into 6,9,12,18+ months EMIs.
  • you can also earn 1% reward cashback if you pay in full like usual post 30 days free credit period.
  • Instant card approval withing a minute.
  • Anyone who is 18 and older is apply for Uni cards.
  • In beta program currently Uni cards is free after that it will be chargeable.
  • Get multiple bill reminders before your due date to avoid being charged late fee.
  • 24×7 customer care and helpline number.
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How to apply and sign up at Uni cards app?

Applying for Uni cards is very easy and simple process which takes only few minutes to complete your application and provides you an instant virtual credit card and delivers your physical credit card in few days. Let’s see how.

  • Download and install Uni cards app from Play store (Download Uni cards APK) for android user or apple App store for iPhone user.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Enter all require details name, email, address etc.
  • Complete your e-KYC using your PAN card and Aadhaar Number.
  • Wait for few minutes instant approval.
  • Done.

Rewards and Cashback of Uni credit card.

Currently Uni cards is in beta program so it’s not a have many offers and rewards, but they will soon give an exciting offer to their customers. Currently they are 1% reward cashback if you post pay your bill before the 30 days credit periods. Soon they are going to release

Genuine reviews of Uni cards app.

Well as per our experience and research we suggested that you can apply for Uni cards. Because they are proving you an option to divide your overall billing due into 1/3rd part that means you can use your credit limit till 90 days and other credit card companies gives 45 days interest free credit so. Also, they are having a long EMI options to 6/9/12/18+. Also, this is a start-up app so they will give exciting offers to their customers.

Uni cards hidden charges.

Well, every company have a very long terms and condition list in this list they describe some charges that you actually don’t know at the time of applying. Here we are showing you a list of some hidden charges of Uni credit card app that company not showing on website and advertisements.

  • Uni cards will apply fix standard late payment fees if you don’t pay your bill in 3 month periods. This fee is completely depending on your bill amount. So, let’s see how much late fees you have to pay according to your bill.
Billing amountLate payment fees and charges
  • Fuel surcharges is wavier Upto ₹500 after that you have to pay as per the government rule.
  • Right now, Uni EMI option is not available so there is a no data of interest rate of Uni cards. We will update it when it will be available.

Currently this are the charges are applying on Uni cards. We will update it if there any extra will apply and it is subject to change.

Uni cards Kit unboxing?

When physical Uni credit card is delivered to you it will comes with a simply designed rectangular box. This box contains your credit card with some interesting goodies provided by company. In these goodies you receive a one chocolate from Switzerland, a mask for protection against corona and your name tag with your credit card. This are the welcome gifts provided by Uni cards.

Uni cards FAQ:

Nitin Gupta is an CEO and owner of Uni cards app.

you can get minimum ₹2000 to maximum ₹10 lac credit limit at Uni cards app on completing your full KYC.

You can increase your Uni cards credit limits by continues use of Uni cards for transactions and making repayment time to time without any dues and late payment.

You have to at least 18years old to apply and get Uni cards.

yes, Uni cards have a hidden charge but it’s only apply if you don’t pay your bill in 3 months of repayment periods.

If you use Uni credit card at petrol pump, then your surcharges are wavier upto ₹500 after that you have to pay surcharges which is apply on your transaction.

Uni cards have a 30 days of billing cycle and 10 days of grace period to clear all your dues.

Uni cards have a two option to repay your bill. First you can divide your bill into 1/3rd part and repay your bill in 3 months and second you can pay your complete bill into 10 days of grace period. Also, Uni cards gives you a 1% reward cashback If you pay full bill before 30 days of billing period.

You can convert your Uni cards bill in 3 months EMI without any interest. You can also convert your bill into 6/9/12/18+ EMIs by paying interest rate on your amount.

There were a 0% interest upto 3 months on Uni cards. If you wish to divide your bill into more EMIs then you have to pay interest rate.

Uni cards will apply fix standard late payment fees if you don’t pay your bill in 3 month periods. This fee is completely depending on your bill amount. So, let’s see how much late fees you have to pay according to your bill.

Billing amount Late payment fees and charges
₹250-1000 ₹25
₹1000-2500 ₹100
₹2500-5000 ₹250
₹5000-10000 ₹500
₹10k-20k ₹1000
₹20k-30k ₹1500
₹30k-40k ₹2000
₹40k-50k ₹2500
₹50k-75k ₹3500
₹75k-1lac ₹5000
₹1lac-2lac ₹7500
₹2lac-10lac ₹10k


You can easily pay your Uni cards bills using Uni app. Simply open an app and check your bill then go to the payment options. You can pay via several options like UPI, debit card or net banking.

If you don’t pay your Uni credit card bill within a company time limits, then company will block or suspend your account.

No, you can’t withdraw your credit limit or Uni cards balance from ATM machine.

Yes, Uni cards is a registered company with the reserve bank of India and created with partnership of RBL Bank and SBM bank.

Yes, Uni cards is prepaid credit card which is work same as a credit card and you can use it for all your online and offline transactions.

Uni cards office is at Bangalore and its address is “Indiqube Sigma No.3/B, Nexus Koramangala 3rd Block SBI Colony, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560034, India”.

Customer care number of Uni cards app is “08068216821” and Email id is [email protected]. You can also contact them via whatsapp.

Uni cards provides you a Visa prepaid card from two partner banks are RBL Bank and SBM bank.

Yes, applying for Uni cards is safe because they have RBI registered partner banks like RBL Bank and SBM bank.

Given details are subject to change by company anytime so read the latest offers and conditions by visiting official website of Uni card before apply.

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