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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Unwanted Thoughts: How’s it Helpful to you.

We all have lots of unwanted thoughts running in our head and sometimes it’s becomes stressful because we can’t stop thinking about it. Sometimes we start feeling anxiety and depression just because of this unwanted thought.

But my suggestion to you is that never fill anxiety and depression just because of these thoughts. Some thoughts running in your head is use full to you in many ways.

Some people use their daily unwanted thoughts as an opportunity to achieve something in their life while some feels anxiety and depression.

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How your unwanted thoughts are helpful to you?

First thing you should Feel confident about your unwanted thoughts. Because you might feel things you think are weird or out of this world, but it might not be!

For example, When Newton first thought why apple came downwards instead of going upwards, he could also had left that unwanted thought, but he didn’t and with the help of that one unwanted thought he changed history of this world.

Whenever you feel like it’s an unwanted or useless thought, it’s just your overthinking! they might not be useless or very helpful to you in your life.

So, Never feel depressed on your unwanted thoughts and never feels it’s useless. It might be not changing your whole life, but it will surely help you to come out from some difficult situations and conditions.

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