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Vaccine Distribution in India: Challenges and Solutions.

While approval of Vaccine Distribution in India for emergency use has been shown orange light by ICMR. even if Indian authorities give a go-ahead vaccine procuration and distribution is as challenging as it’s developed and production.

On 2nd of December 2020 United Kingdom became the first nation to approve Pfizer-Biotech’s Vaccine against Covid-19. Follow by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada, USA and most recently Singapore.

Major challenges in vaccine Distribution in India are as following.

1. Unprecedented amount of vaccine to be procured. A country with population such as that of India needs to make sure that at least 50% of its dynamic need can be met within a static cycle of time.

2. Storage facilities – although India has a reach and highly dense infrastructure of normal storage facilities for agricultural products these facilities would be of no. use for Covid Vaccine. Vaccine needs to be stored in a cold storage facility.

3. Transport system – like storage facility even the transport mechanism needs to have clod chain capacity which is almost impossible to be found on current roads.

4. Political and geographical dissimilarities – Politics on almost everything is possible in our country. So, keeping vaccine out of its loop is too much optimism. Similarly, high geographical variation will also challenge already handicapped transport system.

These are some of the major concern that experts raised.

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what are some potential solutions for vaccine distribution in India?

1. Vaccine procurement process is already on the course by use of diplomacy and deals all over the globe. Even in India institutions such as Serum Institution of India have potential of manufacturing and rolling out a high share of our needs.

2&3. The biggest problem of storage and transport can be solved by Government privet partnership. Government need to modify and update its existing facilities and at the same time join hands with Cold storage and transport companies in private sector.

4. Election Commission can be handy in keeping political parties in check by making it mandatory to keep vaccine out of election manifestos or commitments. Also, politicians need to understand their moral.

Duty and not use vaccine as a vote buying chip. Geographic difference won’t make such a big difference because the vaccine drive would be simultaneously across States and cities.

Thus, some major and minor changes in existing vaccine Distributing system would help. us improve and boost our vaccination process and bring an end to this pandemic.

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