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Vitthal Teedi reviews: Paratik Gandhi’s New Gujrati drama web series.

So, finally “Vitthal Teedi (Gujarati: વિઠ્ઠલ તીડી)” the next awaited web series of “Scam 1992” star Paratik Gandhi is released on 7 May 2021 on OHO Gujrati. Here are the reviews of “Vitthal Teedi (Gujarati: વિઠ્ઠલ તીડી)”.

This web series is directed by Abhishek Jain and written by Bhargav Purohit. This Is a Gujrati drama web series.

Star cast of Vitthal Teedi (Gujarati: વિઠ્ઠલ તીડી)?             

  • Pratik Gandhi as a role of “Vitthal Tripathi AKA Vitthal Teedi”.
  • Ragi Jani as a Role of “Tribhuvandas Tripathi”.
  • Prashant Barot as a role of “Dasha Bapu”.
  • Prem Gadhvi as a role of “Kanu Datti”.
  • Brinda Trivedi as a role of “Vandana Tripathi”.
  • Jagjeetsinh Vadher as a role of “Jaglo”.

Trailer of Vitthal Teedi (Gujarati: વિઠ્ઠલ તીડી).

Reviews of Vitthal Teedi (Gujarati: વિઠ્ઠલ તીડી).

Overall, on my watching experience this is an amazing Gujrati language drama web series. You will like watching it. It is an also family web series without any bad words and contents so you can watch it with your complete family. If you are Gujrati then you must have to watch it.

Vitthal Teedi reviews: Paratik Gandhi’s new Gujrati drama web series- ttlyblogs.

We all are very aware about acting of “Pratik Gandhi” after tremendous performance in “Scam 1992”. So, this web series is a complete package of entertainment with the amazing acting performance of Pratik Gandhi and other actors, and well direction of Abhishek Jain.

This web series already Got an 9.0/10 Stars rating of IMDb. I also give 4.5/5 Stars. So, enjoy it at your home in this pandemic situation of corona virus. this are the reviews of “Vitthal Teedi”.

Story of Vitthal Teedi (Gujarati: વિઠ્ઠલ તીડી).

So basically, it’s a drama story of a Vitthal Tripathi a villager man which had an amazing card playing skill. He is learned gambling since childhood and after that he becomes an undefeatable gambler.

This web series season 1 is launched on 7 may on OHO Gujrati. It has 6 episodes and it’s taken around 3 hours and 5 minutes to watch complete web series.

Let’s have a detail of this 6 chapters.

  1. Chapter 1: “Chhok Ramat
  2. Chapter 2: “Ek Ramat
  3. Chapter 3: “Chanak
  4. Chapter 4: “Achanak
  5. Chapter 5: “Nirdhar
  6. Chapter 6: “Anaradhar

In Chapter 1: “Chhok Ramat”.

400x225 medium

This series is started with the death of his mother at the age of childhood. After that all the responsibilities taken by his father which is a priest of village temple. His father sends his older brother with his mama for studies in Ahmedabad city and Vitthal has no interest in studies, so he attracted to cards. He started living with his sister and father in his village.

When his schoolteacher asked him to tell the number 3 in words, so he said “Teedi” and all students takes it’s as a joke and given him a name of “Vitthal Teedi (Gujarati: વિઠ્ઠલ તીડી)”. After that one day he and his sister reached late to school in morning and there where a new PT teacher stated Scolded on his sister and asked reason for becoming late. His sister says that just because death of my mother all the duties and works of house is my responsibilities now and I was completing it.

So, PT teacher started making funny comments on it and Vitthal got angry on him, so he shouted on him and he slapped him. But when his teacher said about his father, he took a stone in his hand a hit it on teachers head and get out of the school. After that he never go to school and stated playing cards and becoming younger.

So, here is the end of chapter 1 and story begins of Vitthal Teedi (Gujarati: વિઠ્ઠલ તીડી).

I know you are curios for knowing more about other chapters story. But for suspense and keeping your interest in watching this amazing Gujrati drama web series I am not goanna tell you more about other chapters. For it you have to watch this web series.

Where to watch Vitthal Teedi (Gujarati: વિઠ્ઠલ તીડી)?

You can watch this web series on online Gujrati content steaming platform of OHO Gujrati. Visit its website or download its app to watch this web series. Link are given Below.


Thank you reading our reviews and enjoy this amazing web series.


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